Part 2. Flies and Bees 20/80. Wow-optimism

By 28.04.2016 фэншуй

There is something holy and sterile in this.

It feels like “a Komsomol member, a sportsman, an activist” like in the famous Soviet-time movie.

After this, the boat turns over, and extreme Yang becomes an extreme Yin,
and it feels nasty.

I remember a female client who was telling me about her son-in-law for about 10 minutes, saying how nice he is. She said he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t cheat on his wife.
I stopped her at some point with the words: “Great, you were telling me what he doesn’t do, for 10 minutes. Now, what does he do to be nice?..”
And in response there was silence.

100% pure optimism:
1. Does not exist
2. Kills (the boat will turn over)
3. A sign of a silly person

That is why I cannot be a 100% supporter of bees I told you about in the previous mailing.

It is better to follow the principle of 80/20.
Or 70/30. Or 90/10, whichever you prefer.
For example, 80% of a bee, 20% of a fly.
80% of healthy food, 20% of not very healthy one.
80% of things that make us happy, 20% of things that make us sad, but are important.

A human being is like a tree. We drive our roots into the dirt; we head our crown to the sky.

I remember a mate I had when I was young.
He ate flat bread with no yeast that he made himself and beets with no pesticides that he grew himself.
Once, when he crossed the road, he was hit by a car.
He was in a coma for 40 days. And then he died.

Churchill drank alcohol every day and smoked cigars, too.
He lived 91 years.

That guy at the top is very creative.
I wouldn’t risk predicting his plans.

By the way, formulas for happiness do exist!
We will talk about two of them in the next mailing.

Method #2 on how to get rid of depression
I call it a method of horizon 20/80 (TM) 🙂

Unhappiness and depression are often caused by a conflict between expectations, aspirations, and reality.
We want to have a lot. Instead, we have a little or nothing.
And even if we receive a lot, it doesn’t meet our expectations as they are always bigger.

Our happiness is always on the horizon. No matter how fast you move towards it, there is always a distance of 5 km between you and it.

The receipt is to look forward 80% of the time, to imagine future, to think of dreams, goals and everything like that.
And to look backward 20% of the time, to remember where you came from, to say “thank you” to the Universe, to close friends, to clients, to your team, to yourself for all wonderful things that have already happened and continue to happen.

At the same time being a 20% cynical fly; don’t pretend that shit does not exist.

Wish you to have a proper proportion of optimism and pessimism! :)”

Please write a comment on what you think of Wow-optimism, Wow-pessimism, and Wow-holiness.

Let the good Feng Shui be with you!
Vladimir Zakharov

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