What does Feng Shui look like?

By 16.12.2015 фэншуй

We should understand how authentic Feng Shui, learned through personal contact and transfer of knowledge from masters of Southeast Asia, differs from the Feng Shui we have.

Practitioners of Feng Shui do not write the majority of books. Journalists who read some Internet articles, do some rewriting and turn out books as if on a production line are the ones who write them.

Also, it isn’t necessary to accuse them, they don’t imply that they understand something on this subject, after all. It’s simply their work. Often it’s dirty and unscrupulous, but still it is work.

What does authentic Feng Shui look like?

I was asked once: “What does Feng Shui look like?” Excellent question!
It looks like this: …… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ….

That is Feng Shui doesn’t have any “look”!

You will come, for example, to any bank in Singapore and you will try to see where there is the Feng Shui. And what is Feng Shui associated with in our minds? Some dragons, turtles, something like that. And you will look for them, look, and look, and you won’t find it anywhere.

Thus will the Feng Shui be there? Yes!

You know how radiation looks? No. But we see its influence. Feng Shui is the same – we see the effect.

The dosimeter for Feng Shui?
Is there a device measuring Feng Shui? (There is a dosimeter measuring radiation.)

There is such a device called a Compass Feng Shui luopan. It contains concentric circles wherein a hieroglyph forms certain rules, and the principles are written down. Luopan in combination with other important devices under the name “head” allows us to determine the level of good luck and well-being of a place.

A keyword in Feng Shui is the word Qi (or Zi); it is certain energy or dragon breath that we measure with the help luopan. We approach the door; we lean luopan, and we measure the direction. Then we use formulas known to us and receive the answer.

But even without luopan it is often possible to understand, whether the house is good or bad.
Observe the effect.

You come to the house – windows are broken, children drink beer and use foul language, and the miner is drunk as a cobbler, muttering some mantra – why should we measure something, and everything is clear (as with radiation – the result is always visible).

The acquaintance of my friend says: “Listen, I don’t believe in Feng Shui because I only believe what I can feel.”

I haven’t heard a sillier statement …
In that case, we shouldn’ trust in radiation, ultrasound, infrared or ultra-violet radiation, the existence of black holes and in a large set of other things.

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