What Do Tiger and Monkey Have in Common?

Except for the fact that they are both mammals,
they both confront each other in natural and metaphysical worlds.

Tiger and monkey combined, form a pair that causes a clash in Bazi.
Clashes in Bazi, refer to the constellations that are on opposite sides of the ecliptic plane.
By standing opposite each other – they confront each other.

In Western astrology, constellations are substituted with zodiac signs.
Thus, they say that the zodiac signs standing opposite each other – confront each other.

In Western astrology, as well as in the metaphysical studies,
animal analogies are used to denote constellations located
in the different sectors of the ecliptic plane.

In total, 12 animals were selected to represent specific constellations:
Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit.
You may also think of them, as guardians or protector animals.

The tradition of coming along with animal analogies is rooted in the deep past,
back to the agrarian societies.
It, of course, does not mean that farmers invented the zodiac system.

However, it probably, means that complex astrological language was adjusted to the people of that time.

In Bazi, opposite sectors of the ecliptic plane refer to the Earthly Branches.
In this sense, the term “clash” denotes the interconnection between the opposite sectors,
or Earthly Branches of the ecliptic plane.

Bazi, in contrast to Western astrology,
uses the same animal signs to categorize the hour, day, and month of birth.
For instance, a person may be born in the year of Dragon, in the month of Tiger,
on the day of Rooster, and in the hour of Snake.


Below you can find 6 pairs of animals (and their sings) that clash with each other:

Rat [子] — Horse [午]
Ox [丑] — Goat [未]
Tiger [寅] — Monkey [申]
Rabbit [卯] — Rooster [酉]
Dragon [辰] — Dog [戌]
Snake [巳] — Pig [亥]

Each clash has its own meaning.
For instance, the pair “Tiger and Monkey”
is also referred to as an “emotional clash.”
It is thought that it may lead to temper tantrums and impulsive behavior.
In turn, uncontrolled emotions may lead to unpleasant situations, including car accidents.

In the Bazi chart, one may have a clash caused by Tiger and Monkey,
provided they stand close to each other:
in the day and month;
in the month and year;
in the hour and day.

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In the picture displayed below,
you can observe a clash caused by the year and month,
as combined, they form a pair – Tiger and Monkey.

Theoretically, it means that a person is prone to accidents,
conflict situations, and injuries.
Thus, the concept of clash is thought to be a vital part of the metaphysical studies,
as it has much to say about a person’s characteristics.

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The next question that may come across your mind is whether every clash entails negative aspects.

The word “clash” may also be translated as “conflict” or “opposition.”
In simple terms, a clash denotes two factors that confront each other,
and as such the clash may also be interpreted as follows:

  • Two sides of a coin, that shape and complement each other.
  • Consciousness and unconsciousness.
  • Two extreme points of view, which enable you to see the comprehensive picture.

In this sense, clashes force us to grow personally,
to become a better version of ourselves.

They may make us feel uncomfortable, and we may resist them,
but they will still dictate their rules.
The only option is to accept them and to learn to live with them.
Beneath the waves, stillness lies.

Nature does not create conflicts; conflicts result from incorrect actions. So, minimize their impact on your life!

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