Wealth and happiness without Feng Shui

By 04.11.2015 фэншуй


Feng Shui skeptics often list the same objections:

“Listen, I know many people who live very well without consulting a shaman to choose auspicious dates of getting ripped off by a FengShui expert.

Some of the more religiously inclined skeptics wonder if such “heathen” practices aren’t inspired and directed by the Evil One himself.

“Isn’t Feng Shui a scam that was created by crafty Chinese people to raise money by fleecing naive barbarians?”

“Isn’t Feng Shui used by thieves to case your house to discern where you store all of your valuables?”

(And indeed, if you call the South-East a “cash corner” and keep the money there …it’s damn convenient for uninvited guests to find them -;)

The trouble truly lies in people’s inability or unwillingness to accept that something they cannot see can, in fact, influence their lives. If you grow up in a culture that has no concept of things like Qi, it is hard to understand it’s place in your life.

I’ll give you an example. There are scholars who argue that most Indigenous Americans had not seen Columbus’s ships when they came to South America. The Indigenous Americans had no CONCEPT OF A SHIP. So when confronted with stories of large wooden vessels floating on the water, how were they to process that?

It is difficult to make sense of something that has no frame of reference in your mind.

(Oddly enough, Indigenous shamans had seen ships in visions. They were probably advanced thinkers or smoked more of ‘right’ mind-expanding stuff -;) …

When an ordinary person is looking for home or office he sees:

mountain hail
inflow into the river
front lawn
living room outside the bedroom
tambour with neighbors crammed with sleds and bikes

When a trained practitioner of Feng Shui looks at the same objects he sees:

Mountain Star
Roth Qi
Global Water Mouth
Mingtang (bright room)
Local Water Source
Leaving water
Blocked Qi

And these objects influence the Fate of the inhabitants, affecting their health, income, and happiness.

One might think that he is living in a lush garden (unaware of the “Ship of Columbus’ radiation or oblivious of metaphysical harm that is killing us)

Your perception of where you are in the world may be inverted completely. Instead of being King of the Hill you may, in fact, be a slave in the King’s palace.

There are people who live without a doctor… until they get sick. And, in the end, they will not meet at least one doctor – a pathologist.

There are people who live without lawyers until a drunk cyclist falls in front of the car or wife in a divorce wants to take away 50% of the business, children, home and pet dog.

There are people who do not buy health insurance.
Have you ever got sick overseas?
Did you like the bill for treatment?

Or maybe, you are thinking, you do not go abroad. You do not have a spouse or car. And, you plan to end your days quietly rather than spend large amounts of money on funeral services where family, friends, and enemies alike can squabble over your remains?

Congratulations! You do not need a doctor, lawyer, or insurance agent.

Is your life excellent? Are you sincerely satisfied with your income, health, happiness?

Or are you truly content with having little and living in a cloud of spiritual contentment?

A. 99% chance you’re lying to yourself.
You do not see the ship of Columbus.
You do not see the elephant in the room.

In some sense, the Earth in your world is still flat and rests on whales.

B. 1% you have a great map of Destiny and you AUTOMATICALLY have all the good luck.
You DO NOT need a Feng Shui audit.
You intuitively make good choices.

It is true that chances of you belonging to the 1%, and chances that you are reading my newsletter are about 0.

I doubt that my newsletter readers are Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Prince of Bhutan or Dalai Lama …

But for the rest of us, the better questions is, what do you have to lose?
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on this article.

Have an excellent Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov

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