Wealth and Luck without Feng Shui

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“People make decent money and live good lives without applying Feng Shui or Date Selection.”

The argument that I heard lots of times.
Of course, there is truth in it, and, sometimes,
Feng Shui seems to be merely a profit-making tool.

Surely Feng Shui helps people to make more profit 😉
however, what if Feng Shui is just a scheme invented
by cunning Chinese to earn money out of nothing?

What if Feng Shui is just a means to help “bad people”
find money in the house faster and more efficiently?

For instance, if a person designates the southwest sector as a monetary one,
and keeps valuable assets in there,
then the same person eases the job of finding these assets.

Sometimes it is difficult to believe in something that you cannot see.

Here is an example.
According to some studies,
Indigenous people did not see Columbus’ ships,
when they were approaching South America…
simply because they had not seen the ships before.
There was no such thing as a ship in their picture of the world.

It is quite difficult to recognize something that you have not seen before, wouldn’t you agree?

In the same way, when a person is looking at the house or office,
he or she would probably see the following:

  • Hill.
  • Mountain chain.
  • Crossroad.
  • Confluence of streams.
  • lawn near the house.
  • Elevator.
  • Living room.
  • Bicycle in the vestibule, etc.

When trained Feng Shui specialists see the same picture,
he or she perceives the same objects differently:

  • The Mountain Star.
  • Dragon.
  • Qi Mouth.
  • Main Water Mouth.
  • Ming Tang (or bright hall)
  • Local Water Mouth.
  • Outgoing water.
  • Blocked Qi.

In turn, these objects play a vital role in a person’s fate.
Their influence is reflected the most in a person’s health, wealth, and happiness.

The person may believe that he or she is living in paradise,
without noticing the emitted radiation in the area.
Speaking in other terms –
without noticing the harmful effects caused by metaphysical forces.

The person may believe that he or she is King of the Mountain,
of the upside-down kingdom,
mistakenly believing that the underworld is a paradise.

Some people refuse to make appointments with doctors.
Although they most definitely will meet one of them – a pathologist, probably.

Some people refuse to pay lawyers.
Although they might need one when they crash into a drunken bicyclist on the road,
or their beloved spouse decides to take all the estate when divorcing.

Some people refuse to buy health insurance.
Would you like to pay a bill for a surprise medical emergency?

If you do not plan to get sick, married, or be hospitalized,
stop reading this article,
as you, probably, plan to dissolve in the rainbow,
without leaving any trace or evidence of your existence.
Well, at least, you leave your relatives with no chance to mock you at the funeral 😊

Skipping the fun part, if you truly believe that your life is perfect,
and does not require any improvement or intervention,
you are either lying to yourself or refusing to see the Columbus’ ships,
(or the “elephant in the room”).

Of course, there is a possibility of having a great Destiny chart.
In this case, luck works in your favor almost all the time.
If that sounds like you, I salute you!
You do not need Feng Shui,
as you know what is best for you on an intuitive level.

However, I seriously doubt that if you were such a person, you would ever read this article.

Yes, you read it right.
Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Dalai Lama do not read my articles.
Sad, but true.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for new methods for improving every aspect of life,
including luck and wealth fortune,
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I will not promise that you will take that elephant back to the Zoo, but at least you may finally find it in your house!

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