Vladimir Zakharov Feng Shui Expert J. Finastro (alias Volodymyr Zakharov) — is one of the leading experts in the field of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics, with an impressive 25 years of experience in practicing Metaphysical Arts and conducting strategic business consultations.

His craftsmanship, perfected under the guidance of renowned experts from Singapore and Malaysia, goes beyond academic knowledge and delves into the depth of practical use of ancient wisdom.

J. Finastro is growing an international online EdTech company and has tens of thousands of students from 85 countries. As a revered authority in his field, he combines the complex structure of metaphysical practices with modern business strategies in his teachings and counseling. As a revered authority in his field, he developed a system that combines metaphysical practices with modern business strategies. The same system lies at the core of his teachings and consultations.

As a creator of the SHEM.Astro method (Union of Yin and Yang), he radically changed the approach to using Ancient Metaphysics techniques by combining them with mental practices. The method he developed is used for achieving goals, the results of which are truly astonishing. These results also demonstrate the power of balancing the esoteric with the empirical.

The Author is an expert and transformative person, who predetermines the role of the art of Metaphysics in navigating the complexities of life and business, using ancient wisdom and modern technologies.

His main goal is to provide people with centuries-proven techniques and mental models to realize a better future and make the right decisions, especially in the context of information scarcity.

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