Try to be honest at least with yourself

By 20.04.2015 фэншуй

Ask yourself this question: Do you believe in Feng Shui? One gets the impression that many of us do, but no one recognizes it. (It’s like using pornsites, noone uses them, but they are always in the bookmarks.)

Which Feng Shui Do you believe in?

And another question: which Feng Shui do you believe in? Admit to yourself – this is the Feng Shui, where frogs with coins in the mouth, the music of the wind, which hangs in the corner? What else is there? Oh yes – megatopic that you shouldn’t fold the money in half, when putting in a purse, because there will be half …

By the way, in Malaysia, Singapore, Feng Shui study mostly men, very few women in the class, can be 6: 1 ratio. We have the opposite. This has become a tradition, so that there are more women. And Feng Shui consultations are usually ordered by ladies.

There was one such story. I’ve been invited to home, I was supposed to be like a compass, to see whether the stove is on the right place, etc. And the husband of the lady was pretty nervous… he went for a smoke. Then again, walking around, walking … and I keep consultingl. In the end, he could not resist and sat down and said: “Vladimir, so I’ll tell you honestly that I think about it: Feng Shui – is a garbage.” I say, “Yes, I agree with you completely.” He got surprised and said, “What?” I said, “Well, whatever you think of feng shui – it’s not quite Feng Shui.”

Feng Shui = positive thinking?

I mean often it means more positive thinking. No matter how strong we believe that the item you threw in the air, can hang in there somewhere – we have the force of gravity, and the thing that you imagined will fall down. In this sense, feng shui – the science, it is a set of systems, rules, algorithms (need to perform steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … consider masters energy, and the output will be a certain outcome).

This is for those people who think they know what the Feng Shui is.

And for those who think that they dont believe, then the question is: what are you doing on this blog? Would you like to once again make sure that it is garbage, or what? If people do not believe in feng shui, and thus come to the courses of feng shui, it is doubly strange. Usually you need to pay some money to come to the training of feng shui. And if at the same time people do not believe in feng shui, it requires consultation of “another specialist” who is specially trained.

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  • Zeina says:

    So happy to discover that there’s actually blog in English! And that the unique style is preserved! The article is sharply-precise and, honestly, it made my day! Good Luck and keep on going with great Fengshui, Vladimir!

  • WilliamMoke says:

    Hello colleagues, nice piece of writing and pleasant arguments commented here, I am really enjoying by these.

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