To get a new life you need to get rid of the old one

Stability is what most people value in life.
Confidence that you’ll get the same salary tomorrow,
you’ll have the same husband / wife, the same actions and a result the same life,
not worse than yesterday.
But look into the nature of things.

What is stability? It’s the point
which does not move anywhere. And you are at this point.
This is the flat area which doesn’t move forward, which is always at the same place.

Stability attracts by the lack of risks,
you don’t need to think, leave the comfort zone…
you are satisfied with everything, everything is ok.

It works subconsciously…

The person doesn’t think that if they go beyond this frame,
their life will change for the better,
more often they fear “what if it’s worse there”.

Unfortunately, these doubts in most cases
are stronger than all the other emotions.

If you want a new life – don’t cling on your old one!
Time clock keeps going in one direction only…
Think about where you are going and if you ARE GOING.

Feng Shui changes your life!

But the first question is if you need these changes.
You have to answer it before starting to move.
When the potential of our house is depleted,
we reach the ceiling …

We can find a new house if we are lucky.
But are we ready to say goodbye to your old life?

They say, “Change your house or change your dream”.
Imagine that you were offered to exchange everything you have for a new life.
Do you agree on it?

You are most likely to start clinging on everything you’ve already got.
But believe me, the stable stability you’ve got may disappear at once.

So, value what you’ve got but
don’t forget that changes is temporary discomfort
which goes away very quickly.

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