Tiger, Dragon, Turtle, and Black Sheep

By 19.11.2015 фэншуй

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Many people are doing … it…shh … Feng Shui.
Just don’t say This Word aloud.
Someone can hear you.
Those, who are “normal”.
And you will be alight with the glow of confusion and inconvenience.
And you are seen in their contemptuous eyes to be the black sheep.

Naked truth

People feel shy about everything.
They want to be free, but they feel shy to give a firm “No.”
They want money, but they are shy about marketing.
They want sex, but instead they eat a sandwich, cruise porn sites and learn how to sublimate.
They want happiness, but they regularly and intensively do things that will bring them suffering.

Many people even feel too shy to dream.
It is condemned at once by an internal inquisition that says: “Idiot, it is unreal. Be adult”.

And of course, people feel shy that they are doing “it” … shh … Feng Shui.
Just don’t say this word aloud! You are pelted with stones by dunces and will be burnt in a fire of contempt.

Feng Shui — it is fashionable

Feng Shui in particular and metaphysics, in general, are not only effective and bring good luck. Feng Shui is also fashionable and modern, and it’s not at all a madness caused by lumpens with sex deprivation.

Feng Shui is a practice and art for those who are thinking, educated, and effective people.

Metaphysics is for successful people

At the certain level of social development when people have established a solid business, or they hold serious administrative posts in corporate or governmental institutions (especially force institutions), they have an interest in metaphysics.

They understand the fact that everything isn’t casual.

They understand the fact that space equals information.

They understand the fact that we live not in a vacuum, but always in some environment that influences us.

They understand the fact that there is always cause and effect, The flapping of a butterfly’s wing in the Amazonia can cause a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean.

For example, bankers in Hong Kong and Singapore understand this and use Feng Shui in their offices. The often mentioned Donald Trump, who, upon hearings this pays millions of dollars to Feng Shui masters, understands this principle as well.

Personally I am not acquainted with Mister Trump, and I can’t check if it is the truth or not. But I don’t know any person (at least in Russia and Ukraine) who has assets of over one million dollars which isn’t in any way connected with metaphysics, the East, or religion. Whether it is yoga, chi kung, Buddhism, numerology, the parson in the most distant village to the north, single combats or astrology. They at least use the services of such “experts”. Often they research a subject on their own.

For example, in winter 2012 I had a dinner with an oligarch who, despite “oligarchic manner”, appeared to be a wonderful guy. He dedicated almost all of his free time, a few hours daily, to serious yoga practice.

No, the truth is there are also others. Materialists. Who believe only in something that is possible to feel. I was told about one such person in Vladivostok. He trusts in the devil rather than in God.

And … he has one foot in a financial chasm, and the other in a psychological chasm.

More confirmations…

You can think that, obviously, consultations about Feng Shui are simply designed to attract this type of client.

Not at all!

Recently I met a famous landscape architect Eugenia, who works on country plots. Eugenia agreed with me completely that 100% of her clients and friends, people who are firm and pragmatic in business, are “hovering” on metaphysical themes.

In dark glasses

It is interesting that a lot of people are reluctant to confess that they use Feng Shui.

Also, they do not confess that they use the services of psychologists and psychiatrists.

And it is NORMAL to ask for help.

Often we cannot share our difficulties and dreams with the closest people, friends, and partners. And we can only dream about their support. “Are you out of your mind to quit your job and to start your own business? You are an idiot!” You know, if you put one crab in the basket he will crawl out. If you put two crabs in a bucket, you needn’t worry that one of them will crawl out.

In such an atmosphere when those who are close to you are not on your side, and they do not support you, then professional experts and consultants are happy to be a good source of knowledge and feedback. On condition that they are qualified and progressed to the point where they can lead their clients. There is nothing worse than a blind guide.

Instead of epilog

The influence of place on destiny and efficiency is a reality. And reality does not care if you feel shy about it or not.

It IS. And paraphrasing a famous saying I will say that if you are not interested in Feng Shui, it is still interested in us.

Have an excellent Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov

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