The Moon will make your wishes come true!

By 28.01.2015 фэншуй

Digital Visualization of a Moonset

Recently I’ve been at orbital station…
But it did not spin around
the Earth or the Moon …

I was floating in a zero gravity,
and in the window I saw the huge
Saturn with its rings …

Of course it was a dream.
So far with an unclear sense to me …
(As soon as I woke up I had to write down the time
and analyze the table of Qimen).

But the memories of that dream
reminded me of a ritual.
Which should be done when the Moon is waxing …
Begin on the second Moon day

For Example,

February 20, 2015 (if only you do not have a Rooster in your birth-chart)
start at 11.15 pm, facing east

March 21, 2015 (if only you do not have a Tiger in your birth-chart)
start at 11.15 pm, facing north-west

Every night, after the darkness you should write your wish on a piece of paper.

For 14 nights in a row.

At the same time, if possible, periodically try to face the Moon.

Your wish has to be the same every time.
Do not let your mind
jump around numerous wished you have
like a mad monkey in the hot cell.

rather than what you do not want.
If you write “I do NOT want to meet the white monkey” – you’ll most likely meet it.

A wish should be well formulated
so it stays open
for multiple ways of achievement.

A wish must come
from the bottom of the heart, and not just be
a mere formality.

At the same time your mind should be as
calm as the surface of a pond.

Only when the water is calm you can see a
smooth image of the full Moon.

Pieces of paper with your wishes you must collect all together and burn on 15th lunar day
(14th ritual day) collect burn.
Traditionally, this is done in a Chinese temple,
but you can do it at home as well.

You can use the technique of magic Qimen:
put ash in a glass of water,
wait until the ash settles,
drink a few sips of water
(drinking ash is not necessary), pour the rest out.

If you prefer more scientific approach,
this ritual will activate the
powerful processes of one’s ‘unconscious’.

After the moon – just a symbol of the unconscious.
And it projects your image
desires to large spherical
Screen universe.

How can I enhance the effect of this ritual:

1. Before the ritual, on a good selected date,
activate sector “Moon” year 2014 (West-2)
by moving the furniture, lighting a candle or by a fountain.

This sector contributes
to relationship building,
calming down emotions
and turmoils.

2. Use the deities of “Moon” or “Zhi Fu”
Qi Men Dun Jia annual
Qimen table, especially if
one of them is in your House of Life.

Learn more about this and many other techniques in
“Anti-secrets 2015” course
(The rise of the price is coming very soon)

I wish you good luck!
And be afraid of your wishes,
they are coming true!

Best of Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov



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