The Teacher and the Glass Wall

Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes separated from the desired by an invisible wall? This wall separates the rich from the poor, people who know English from those who dream to learn it, people who know how to film and those who don’t … and of course Feng Shui practitioners from those who can’t use this knowledge.

On the one side of this wall there are people who learn and learn and learn…

On the other side there are people who have these skills and successfully use them in life. Although they could have learned much less. Or couldn’t have learned at all.

We sometimes have an impression that people who aspire to get on the other side hit on the glass wall and can’t move forward. They learn information from books and  courses, but still don’t have the ability they desire.

An acquaintance of mine who had been learning Feng Shui for many years, had been to Malaysia and other countries, used to ask me to come to her house and do an annual Feng Shui audit. I thought she was pulling my leg…

Such people clearly see their purpose but can’t get on the other side in spite of their wish. The dream of a  launching device which could throw them over the wall. Of a miracle. But it doesn’t happen as a rule.

There are 3 ways to go through the looking glass.

  1. Read books, surf the Net…It may take all our life but may not bring the desired result. It should be accepted that very few people are lucky to find the “loophole” in the wall.
  2. Take courses and trainings in the hope to obtain a skill or ability. There is going to be an “insight”.
  3. To find a conductor who will take them “to the other side”. You may ask him for cues and hints, adopt his practices. For instance, “what would you advise as Step 1, Step 2,…” Practically we learn this by imitation or overseeing. For example, when you look for Feng Shui articles on the Internet, you chose the long way. When you attend classes and listen to the Master, you choose the short way.

But when you see the Master consulting, or you assist him, you realize that you didn’t get some important things, that points A and B were not connected in your mind. Sometimes it takes years to connect them. And then you think, “Everything was so simple….”

This skill from “through the looking glass” is not always intellectual. It may be behavioral or reflexive.  To make your knowledge a skill I followed my Master for several years, assisted him, took part in individual coaching sessions. And all this let me take over his experience and learn the skill very quickly.

You can also go this way.

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