The Story of a Bottle and a Cup or Four Types of Capacity

Today’s story is about… bottle and a cup.
The topic may sound a little bit odd,
and a general idea may not be that obvious.
Nevertheless, it all relates to financial capacity.

For instance, imagine your financial capacity takes the form of a cup (1).

It does not matter how much water or other liquids you have…
even if you have 10 times more water than one cup can hold.
The cup will not be able to hold it all – the excessive amount will pour out.
The same relates to income or turnover.

The excessive amount will be wasted on other expenses:

  • Medical bills.
  • Failed bank.
  • Depressed real estate prices.
  • Money loans that are never paid back
    (if you do not want to see a person ever again – just lend them money)

What if your financial capacity takes the form of a bottle (2)?
It may not have much water for now.
But you can continue to fill it with water until it reaches the maximum capacity of a bottle.
In this sense, “maximum capacity” is a person’s cash ceiling.
A person had hit a financial wall.

Recently my team helped me to look at this problem from another ankle.
They told me, that rather than focusing on financial capacity,
I should consider other things that matter in life.

Wow! They might be right.

What is the point of increasing the financial capacity
if your integrity mechanism fails somewhere else?
Money is not a problem.

You cannot make more money because the root problem
has nothing to do with money. The root problem is something else.
It can be related to:

It can be related to:

  • Philosophy.
  • Coaching.
  • Psychology.
  • Mindset
    (this part is quite often unappreciated by the metaphysical community, as everyone wants to know the secret and a magic wand).

In turn, four types of capacity help us to reach our goals:

Financial capacity
It has a measurable value in real money or money in a checking account, in assets of precious metals, etc.
Financial capacity is a primary indicator.It is the crown of the tree.
This crown has three roots.


1. Attention or focus
If we cannot focus, we cannot control our attention. It is as if it keeps running away from us to some other less relevant objects. There is no point in talking about financial capacity in this case – you will not be able to increase it.

2. Energy
If your energy is low, then regardless of your attention level, which is merely a tube or a channel through which we transfer our energy, the mechanism will not work as it is not powered up.

3. Time
If we cannot control our time and the completion of a task takes one hour or two days instead of 15 minutes, then we jeopardize our ability to reach any goal in life.

How to manage time…

I recommend devoting at least one hour or 15 minutes a day to dealing with business issues,
to dealing with something that is within our focus.

You find some time regardless of whether it is:

  • Holidays.
  • Weekends.
  • Birthdays.
  • Christmas.

Set aside a little chunk of time every day to fill it with something that is within your focus.
Something that is of utmost importance.


Have you ever asked yourself the following question?
What if it was illegal to work more than one hour a day?
What would you do during this hour?
That is what you put in the center of your focus and pour your energy into.
Fill this hour with energy – charge your battery.

As a result, you will save all three roots – and the crown will flourish.
You will manage to earn lots of money by the end of the year.

Why do some of the Ancient Chinese Metaphysical Arts practitioners achieve relatively poor outcomes?

Metaphysical Arts help to create an energy surge.
But you ought to have a vessel to pour this energy into.
This vessel consists of your beliefs mixed with mental dust.

In turn, focus is connected to your mindset.
You must work with a clear mind whether you like it or not.
Otherwise, your vessel will turn into a leaky bucket.
It does not matter how many special dates or activations you pour into it;
they all leak through the hole.
All the efforts are in vain.

That is when a person starts to complain,
“Activations do not work – nothing is accomplished.”

The first technique to end all this is to stop complaining.
When you start noticing signs of whining and complaining,
pull yourself together and promise yourself not to complain anymore.
You do not sell complaints, so stop producing them.

If you want to sell something to your friends or relatives – think first whether you would buy it yourself.
Complaints and bad moods are the type of products that no one wants to buy.

Keep in mind, that when you complain,
you might have as well a powerful Mystical Doors time structure.
That is when Deities may hear you…

If you keep on telling what you do not want –
Deities may decide that it is what you want,
as they do not understand the words “do not want.”

If a person keeps on saying that everything is bad,
Heaven takes the order.
And sends back the same “bad things.”

Therefore, it is better to tell what you want rather than what you do not want.

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