The rule of 6 handshakes and a ‘mafia principle’

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In many ways, everything in life is happening due to
a links or connections …connections to a “family”
or a “mafia” – 🙂

No, I’m not about officials, not at all…
and not about the gangs…
I’m talking about belonging to a certain
community or heritage
by some kind of tunnel.

Often the key to success is to be in the right situation …
we can not know where is this situation …
but we can know a person
who knows the person
that knows another person….
who knows where is this situation
and can give the appearance, passwords, access keys …

In Feng Shui, there are several chains and relay races.
It works as an electrical circuit,
where there are no breaks and short circuits.

For example, the chi of the mountains is transferred to the
floor, chi from the floor is transmitted to the doors,
Chi of the door – to the room
from the room – to the bed or table.

Or in “principle of mafia”
in the method of the 64 hexagrams of Feng Shui …
Let’s say we are looking at a family of high-rise buildings …
Further chi from the front door
should get into our apartment or office, right?
For this you need a transfer code
or a phone number.

This code is determined by the “installation gua”
of the front door of the apartment,
which should be in the same family,
that the front door into the entrance.

And, preferably, both doors must be well-timed.

If you log in to and in the left menu you cancell the
option of “shuenkun Dagua”
the current date at the top will show you 4 numbers:
one of the pillars of the year, month, day, hour,
(called “elements”)

and one by one numbers under the pillars
year, month, day, hour
called “periods” or “stars” …

One number at the top and one at the bottom is forming
a unique match of one of the 64
Ching hexagrams.

These numbers are used in special
techniques to select dates
– we will talk about it
in the framework of the project
“Anti-secrets 2015”.

But these numbers and hexagrams
in feng shui are used to select destinations:

– Front door
– Water options
– bed
– desk
– Snake movements of chi within the premises –
when one portion of chi passes the baton to
another participant, and so on.

Periods on the bottom hexagrams show
Chi vessel either for 1 liter or 10 liters.

Elements of the top hexagrams

– We can associate them with certain
– We can connect them with a certain time.
– We can associate them with a particular chi
(for example, a table with the front door to the room).

Feng Shui of 64 hexagrams is very interesting.

But the way it is taught repels

Problems and myths in the way of studying shuenkun Dagua

– Too much theory.
That is terrific of course
If you are prone to academic training
and you have 3-5 days to listen to this theory in the classroom.

– Too harsh rules.
For example, they say that Chi from home
must flow to the year of the person.
Why not the day, month or hour?
From my point of view, the hexagram of the year of birth is
too general. And it does not answer
specific questions.

Need money?
Or maybe you want to swap
a host and a guest, and fully
turn the outcome of the situation?

– Shenkun Dagua is necessarily used
with flying stars
. This is a kind of superstructure
over the flying stars

Oh Really? With the same assureness we can say,
that flying stars – is an add-on to
Chi Men Dun Jia. After all, both a
part of Sanyuan.

And if we do not know the facade? period? date of construction?
From my point of view, the hexagram 64 –
is a separate method of Feng Shui that can be applied
without flying stars,
and can be combined with Qimen with striking

– The item is more important
than the period.


Let’s say you’re looking at BaZi and it gives you an information that your expenses in 2015
will be $ 100,000 and you grab your head.

Ok, we can not change that part.
Make an income of $ 1 000 000 –
and then the spendings will be only 10%.


In Feng Shui shuenkun Dagua we speak about mantra:

Dragon, Mountain, Facade, Water –
4 parameters

Those four parameter are in the date as well
Year, Month, Day, Hour.

We’re talking about the cross of the equinoxes
and solstices.
Winter Solstice.
Spring equinox.
Summer Solstice.
Autumn Equinox.

As above, so below.
Sea – is a sky.
Sky – is a mountain sea.
Its a Circle.

We use the abstraction of multiplicity measurements in feng shui .
In flying stars, in fact, we use the 81-dimensional space.
In shueknun Dagua 64-dimensional.

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