The reasons for inaction, or why you don´t get results

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Why does a person tend to postpone the implementation of their plans “for later”?

My answer is to keep them from falling into the abyss.

A lot of people have this scenario in their mind: you are standing on stable and comfortable territory. And the unknown is far behind the horizon. To reach it, you have to make 267 steps. But firstly, you need to be ready for it. Study all carefully. Complete course 1, course 2, course 3… course 267.

Well I am kind of ready to start… No, not today… There is still summer, let’s start from September… No, not today… Today is Friday and I want to get drunk…  Monday is a better day to start… No, not today… It’s 11pm.  I will begin tomorrow at 8 am for sure…

The most stable model

The best option is to prepare for being ready once again once again once again and once again…

And the consciousness falls asleep in the sweet bliss of infinite enfilade of metapositions…

So probably this gentle smile of blissful satisfaction you feel every time during preparations for something important… somewhere behind the horizon… which is located in 5 kilometers… will be still on your face when you die…

But we can act tough…

For God sake, wake up! Wake up! Look, what you have beneath your feet!


And you look down and see that you are standing on the brink. “Something behind the horizon” is already here. You have to do something. You are standing in a hall full of people and you have to talk. You are standing in front of the most important client in your life and you have to answer his questions. You are in hospital and you have to make a decision. And what is the price? Your life… Everybody has such situations in their life…

Remember these feelings… when eventually your consciousness turns on. This is a modus operandi. You need this to achieve your goal.

Super exercise

Imagine your goal on the horizon. Hold out your right hand and grab it the way judoka uses the lapel grip keikogi. And pull sharply the horizon towards you.

That´s it! The goal is beneath your feet! You are standing on the EDGE. Maintain awareness, muscle tone, abs tension. You are in the game! Fight for your goal!

Childhood – when you run from the toilet in the night happy that nobody ate you.

Mommy! I am scared! And what if I fall into the abyss???

Firstly, the abyss is only inside of you. This is a psychological chasm = fear of the unknown. This is your infantilism. Or let´s say the boogeyman in the closet, if you like.

The body is located in objective reality and it never will fall into the abyss of subjective space. Don´t worry. You are not going to die. At least, not now.

Secondly, there is nothing solid. Everything floats in a vacuum.


At the micro level. Everything consists of atoms. Atom consists of a nucleus and an electronic cloud. In other words, the emptiness is big as a room and there is a pea in it as a “substance’’. And the nucleus (“substance”) consists of… do you want me to continue? 🙂

At the macro level. I am sitting on a chair. Everything is stable. The chair is on the floor, which is located on the building frame. The frame is situated on the foundation, which is located on the ground. The earth races in the vast emptiness of the cosmos.

In fact, the emptiness is our home. So we need to learn how to live in it and function effectively.

The truth is somewhere in the TRIANGLE

  1. A person and his thoughts and emotions;
  2. Environment (such as «Feng Shui», but it´s not necessary to use this term);
  3. Our actions (Even if you have perfect Feng Shui and state of mind, you have to work a lot and selflessly).

If you remove one of these components, metaphysics will work much worse.

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