The noble people: a bird’s-eye view.

Today I am talking about the useful people from a bird’s-eye view.
Who are they?
These noble people are our helpers,
our guides from point A to point B.

There is a sophisticated
yet simple technique in Chinese astrology
to find the noble people.
The details about how to do that
are in my broadcast “7 Special Techniques”,
which is the gift to my book here:

The Chinese divide all people into groups and classes 🙂

There are “noble people” and “worthless people”.

The noble people pull you up,
while worthless people pull you down.
There is a way to watch this at 4 Pillars of Fate.

If your Master of the Day is Yin tree or Yin ground,
your “noble people” are Monkey or Rat.

If your Master of the Day is Yin metal,
then your “noble people” are Tiger or Horse.

There are noble people for each of the 10 Masters of the Day.

And this is the very beginning.

We are looking for those animals in the maps of other people.
In the maps of people with whom we are talking every day.
Or, for example, when we are looking for a private helper,
or we are looking for an executive director…

In the broadcast “7 Special Techniques”,
which is the gift to my book here,
I talk about animals that must be in the maps of people
whom you are surrounded by,
and about the Sky Trunks that must be on these animals.

Now I am writing about strategic things.

Humans are made of humans.
Books are not carriers of knowledge.
Books are carriers of information.

And if some catastrophe happens,
all the technologies and engineers disappear,
who could make a transformer or nuclear power plant?
What do you think—how long would it take
to build all of these from the very beginning?
With the condition that all the documents are left here,
but there are no people who have the skills to do that
or only saw how to do this?

The human is a carrier of concentrated experience.

Books contain recipes on how something could be made.
There are the procedures 1,2,3,4,5 … 20.
It takes several years to try each variant.
If 20 variants are multiplied by 2, it is 40 years.
Forty years to get to the new version with a trial-and-error method.

There is an infinite number of methods by which to promote a service.
People may take shots in the dark, testing the methods themselves.
But if you have a teacher, a mentor with whom you are on the same page—
sometimes only for a minute, 10 minutes—
and the person tells you exactly what you have to do now…

But you say,
“Yes! But … maybe it won’t work. I have a different market.”
And as the answer, you hear,
“Fuck you. No ‘buts’. Do this.
Try it right now and we will see if it works or not.
Do it now and you will trust me later.”

This is the phenomenon of mentoring and consulting.
It works in business and sport,
as well as in private life and elsewhere.

By the way,
experience in private life inherits much less
than in the other spheres of knowledge.

Have you ever read about octopuses?
There is an interesting observation according to octopuses:
It is possible that they are intellectually superior to humans.
And they would eat us for dinner, not vice versa, with one condition…
If only their experience was inherited.
Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them,
each octopus starts from the very beginning.
From scratch.

In private life, all of us are octopuses.
Sometimes, when we are 45 or 50 years old,
we start to listen to the real-life stories of our parents.
It is called the phenomenon of private experience.

It is one of the reasons why mentors are so important,
if you want to go from point A to point B.

Discover in detail how to choose a mentor
using your birth map in my gift with the book here:
The technique is called “Noble Rider”, and the full version with details
is in the broadcast “7 Special Techniques”.

1. Annual pillar.
Let’s say you need a mentor to get to new markets or relationships in business.
You are very good in some subject,Chinese metaphysics or something else.
But you cannot even get your first clients.This is an annual pillar of the birth map.
This is the first category of noble people.
2. Monthly pillar of your birth map.
These are systems inside a business.
What to do next when clients come.
This is mentoring inside a business:how to organise
how to leave a business
how to work less,how to work in the sphere of your crucial competence
and, as a result, make more money.
3. The everyday pillar is the inner part of your birth map.

While annual and monthly pillars are outward parts,
everyday and hourly pillars are inner parts.

For example, you need coaching in private relations
or relations inside a company.

4. The hourly pillar is investments, sex.

If we apply this to the meeting technique:

The annual pillar shows where to find
the partner of your dreams to build a relationship.
But in the beginning, you have to find places where those people are.

It happens that you are on social media
and nobody is interested in you considering your birthdate.
You go to the bar, and there, it’s the same.
But God is fair 😉
The sky is fair.
Always there is a place for every person
where he or she is irresistible.

The same goes for your consulting, in your business.
Clients 1,2,3,4,5 … 9,10 are not interested in you…
but the 11th one is super interested in you!
Maybe they are in another country.
It is important to have a mentor who will coach you,
where it will happen.

There’s another variant.
You are probably very good at meeting people,
but when it comes to bed,
you are not very experienced.
You do not demonstrate something
that should be demonstrated.
That is the other type of coaching.

It is possible to know from your birthdate
how to find this person.

Step 1 – Look at your birthdate

Step 2 – Choose the person you want to study from and
look at his or her birthdate.
If you don’t know it, “the secret” is

You may look at the date you met him or her.
Or when the question “Should I study from them?”
came to your mind.
Why not build a Ba Zi map for the moment of the question
and consider it the map of the person?
This map would be correct to answer your question
Whether this mentor is suitable for you or not.

You may use the real birth map of a person,
or you may use a predictive map.

You analyse these two maps—
your map and the map of the other person—
according to the sphere where you need help.

You may build your maps here:
You can find out how to interpret them
in the broadcast “7 Special Techniques”
that is the gift with my book:

Plus, the person must be competent in the field,
you have an interest in.
The person must be an expert in this field.

To choose the right coach,
there is special technology in Chinese astrology.
This is not rocket science 🙂
You just need to look at the birth maps…

The technology is described in my book
If you still don’t have the book, buy it now.
If you have it already, be sure to listen to this technique
after today’s article.

By the way,
we have a time machine.
Haven’t you ever thought about it? This time machine is our brain.
Using this time machine you can travel to the past, to the future…
And if you are really lucky, to the present.
If you move to the present and stay there long enough,
then you will reach enlightenment, as Buddha said.
This task is much more difficult and interesting at the same time
than building 400 companies.

But in parallel, it is good to build several businesses
just to strengthen your self-esteem.

The Noble People theory
is actively used in Feng Shui,
when we place a table in a room,
or choose a place for a bed…

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