The Influence of Space, Part 1

Today, I’m going to talk about the influence of space.
Nowadays, the word “feng shui” can be applied to anything. It has been devaluated, but its main concepts remain inviolate and are still working properly.

We seem to be plunged into an ocean of energy.

Have you noticed that there are places whose owners change constantly? The shop opens, works for 6 months or so, then closes down. And everything repeats again.

Businesses may be different: furniture shops, clothing stores or groceries.

It makes no difference. The management has nothing to do with it. And neither does marketing. The place itself has its own influence.

Our flats / houses/ offices have the same kind of influence.

How can we know if our home fits into the landscape and if its energy is going to support our business and career?

To learn this, you have to examine the interior or exterior of your flat, house or office.

Suppose you have a rise in your landscape on the north. Inside your house, in the northern part, there are small rooms, bathrooms, and utility rooms. In the southern part, the rooms are big, spacious and well lit. How does the Qi flow?

Qi flows from the north to the south if we are talking about the landscape, and it is the same in the interior. It’s called “harmony with the landscape.”

Suppose in the northern part of the house the rooms are spacious and the lights are bright; but in the south the rooms are small, dark, with low ceilings.

Inside the house, Qi flows from the south to the north. If the landscape rises in the north, the house challenges the landscape and is at odds with it. It is this conflict which causes unstable Qi and problems for the people who live there.

The place also influences the amount of money you have. In some places, you make money very quickly, in others – very slowly. But at the same time, in one place you make a lot of money while in others – very little.

Even if you have good cash flow, you may be awful at managing it. You may be ineffective at saving, but bad at financial management. You may possess a factor such as wisdom that is responsible for investments and time management. All this can be “read” in your house.

In my next article, I’ll give more details about Yin and Yang.
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