The eclipse on October 14, 2023

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Today, let’s talk about the eclipse on October 14, 2023.

From what I can see in Qi Men Dun Jia chart, there seem to be some obstacles with documents, and some opportunities will close.

The Open Gate represents the opportunity.

For example, the opportunity to obtain a second passport or residency was available, but with the eclipse, these opportunities for documents will be closed.

Metaphorically speaking, Bing is the Sun, and when the eclipse happens, the Sun is obscured, leading to a loss of inner optimism.

The Moon or Great Yin represents wisdom, the symbolism of an affected Moon is very interesting.

In the Art of Mystical doors, the Sun represents Zhi Fu or Main spirit, but here at the level of Heavenly Stems the Sun is Bing.

This could signify a virtual Sun and the Moon deity leading to people becoming less wise and insightful.

Overall, there are positive factors in the palace, but they are subject to the eclipse. It might be better for negative factors to be present there.

Finally, the Pillar… This Star suggests obstacles and difficulties in communication and speech.

People may struggle to reach agreements or experience other challenges in this area, exacerbating the situation.

In conclusion, it seems that certain opportunities or agreements, whether written or verbal, will be severely limited for a certain period.

Additionally there is a symbolic connection with Ding and nuclear explosions so there may be an increased threat of nuclear attacks, sabotage on nuclear facilities or discussions related to this topic in the next three to six months.

So, one perspective is that the Open Door represents opportunities, Ding symbolizes a nuclear explosion. There’s too much fire and it is in the grave.

Northwest is the grave of fire.
It’s uncertain whether this fire will stay buried in the grave, as one might hope, interpretation of the forecast can turn out to be totally opposite.

With the fire emerging from the grave and becoming more significant

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