{The Bulgarian Method, part 2} About Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty

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Do you remember  that in the 1st part of the article I gave Suggestion 3 for “the Bulgarian Method”? Oracle.

Suppose you are marking the house using King Wen’s method…
_____ xu Parents
_____ shen Brothers
_____ wu Officer
_____ chen Parents
_____ yin Wealth
_____ zi Children
You’ve done the marking correctly…
You’ve determined the factors correctly…
You’ve come to the wrong conclusion which factor stands for your question (the most difficult thing in prediction is to find the factor, if you, for instance, ask about children, it’s Brotherhood Star according to 6 Yao Method, it’s not the Children Star, which seems to be evident)

Then I told that I would reveal the solution of the problem later..
Well, the future has set in…
(Two scenarios are in store for any future:

  1. To become the past


  1. Vanish in the mist of the variety of unmanifestated possibilities)

Before we “hack” Suggestion 3…
A little about something else.
Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty

It’s one of my most favourite concepts.
It can be applied to understanding the limit of prediction accuracy.
Our knowledge is never absolute. “Astrologer proposes, God disposes”.
There’s always the well-known “play on prophecy”…
I’m not sure you know that for many years I’ve been developing working methods of Chinese metaphysics to apply to gambling….

CM and gambling

Do I believe that we can predict the match result using Chinese metaphysics?
Of one match – No.
Because of the “play on prophecy”.
Because of our greed.
Because of our fear.
Do I believe that we can predict the number we’ve got on the roulette? This particular time? No. Although sometime it’s possible with only one chip on the table. Guess the number immediately. Not always. Not everywhere. Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty.
We are bothered by the desire to be accurate.
This desire is in antiphase with accuracy.
But why do I make these predictions if it’s  impossible?
The answer is ROI.
Return on investment.
Now it’s too complicated for you to understand…
Especially if you don’t know how the gambling business is organized.
BIG MONEY, VERY BIG MONEY lies in this direction.
The lake surface. Let’s hack Suggestion 3.
“Little brains can’t understand big brains.
Big brains can’t understand very big brains.
In general, nobody can understand nobody.
But one can fall in love with another”.
Using logic we can’t fully understand which factor of 6 Yao or 10 Gods in Ba-Zi describes a situation…
or a person…
For example, to get an answer about the winnings in the casino we have to look at Children (=Outcome) related to GUA.
Not wealth…
Father is represented by Resources (not Wealth, as we were taught)…
We don’t see the reality. It’s hidden by  bulletproof glass.
The reality outline can be calculated.
But if we make a mistake choosing stars, Yin-Yang or Gods, we’ll be mistaken in finding the  “animal” which hides behind this contour.
For this you need:
… achieve the inner silence…
… let the answer reflect  in it…
… feel the boost of energy as the objectification of the correct answer..
For this you need to learn yourself as hardware…
Tune your body, emotions and thoughts to let them sound well-organised being conducted by a conscious person.
I wish you great Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov