The “Bulgarian” method in Chinese metaphysics

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Everything in metaphysics is hung on one nail …
If you pull it out, everything collapses…
And it will be the last nail driven in the cover of our metaphysical practice coffin ….
The whole system is correct… the building is correct…
The foundation is incorrect… the reference point is incorrect…

Everything is OK with the bow.
Everything is OK with the arrow.
Everything is Ok with the wind.

The problem is with the archer…
Who aims the arrow in the wrong direction….
The problem seems to have a simple solution…
But you should be attentive…
You should be aware…

The cure is what I call the “Bulgarian” method in Chinese metaphysics

To begin with, let’s return to the initial point.

Five Chinese metaphysical arts

There are 5 kinds of Chinese metaphysical arts


Fortune – reading the person’s fortune based on the date of birth. There is Ba-Zi, Qi Wei Dou Chu, Qi Men which serve this purpose.
Prediction – we ask a question and we get an answer. There are 6 Yao methods, Oracle, Oracle of the Plum Blossom, Qi Men, Xuan Kong
Medicine – we mean Chinese medicine which considers the body as a whole. The western medicine eliminates the symptoms, and ALWAYS has side effects, which kill more quickly than the illness itself.
Manifestation – “reading the face”. Here we use physiognomy and Feng Shui (reading the landscape).
Mountain is the most mystical component.
The point in which Medicine, Manifestation, Prediction and Fortune vectors meet.

It’s a question of the Master himself.
The Master of fortune.
The Master of life.
Mountain: meditation, qigong, prayers, all the things which were practiced by hermits in the mountains…
It is the essence of metaphysics…
It is the basis…
It’s the vertical…
Here is the lake whose surface reflects the Moon… if the surface is quiet…

And there’s no boat with a wild orangutan of thoughts which jumps in the cage of uncontrolled emotions.
You remember, in quantum physics “The result of the experiment changes if there’s an observer”.
Moreover, different observer’s states (=qigong, which can be translated as state) lead to DIFFERENT RESULTS.

The “Bulgarian” method in Chinese metaphysics

Suggestion 1. Feng Shui
Suppose you’ve done everything “correctly”…
You’ve constructed the entrance according to the rules…
Flowing away water…
You’ve taken into consideration if it flows from right to left or from left to right…
And you’ve chosen correctly one of the 12 stages…
And … you have no result 3-6 months later?
What do you think is one simple action which can improve the situation?

The whole chain of reasoning was based on one solution.
0 or 1.
Heads or tails.
If you’ve made the wrong decision, yin or yang, everything will be wrong.
Not 20%.
Not 50%.
All 100%.

Suggestion 2. Fortune teller of genius.
Does it happen that in a definite category of questions your prediction is 100% opposite to what you expected?
An untalented fortune teller has 50% of hits.
100% the opposite result is superb. The calibration has just been lost

Suggestion 3. Oracle.

Suppose you are marking the house using King Wen’s method…

_____ xu Parents
_____ shen Brothers
_____ wu Officer
_____ chen Parents
_____ yin Wealth
_____ zi Children
You’ve done the marking correctly…
You’ve determined the factors correctly…

You’ve come to the wrong conclusion which factor stands for your question (the most difficult thing in prediction is to find the factor, if you, for instance, ask about children, it’s Brotherhood Star according to 6 Yao Method, it’s not the Children Star, which seems to be evident)

How can we change 1 and 2 with one simple action?
Turn around the result.
Change the sign. You’ve already got the module.
If the water was flowing away, make it come.
If it was coming, make it flow away.
If the result is always opposite, turn the result around.
The whole analysis says, “Don’t buy!” It means you should buy as much as you can.
The whole analysis says, “Buy!” It means you should stop the negotiations immediately.
The Bulgarians say “no” by nodding the head.
If they shake the head, it means “yes”.
So I call this method “the Bulgarian method of Chinese metaphysics”

By the way, the Chinese use it in full swing.
They give the doors in Qi Men (the best factors) awful names…
Or they write, “never use ABC”, which should be understood as “use it as often as possible”…
Their logic is to save the tastiest things for the initiated, why disclose all the tricks in the text..
…especially to “white monkeys”

How to solve item 3.
The solution is in the “clearness” and “specifics” of the question itself.
The key is the ability to keep your attention and your emotions under control.
Attention is the only capital we have.
I’ll give more details next time… now it’s already too long.

I wish you great Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov

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