Choice of dates on the other side of “pink clouds” — part 1, a success formula

By 01.12.2015 фэншуй


Why do the chosen “monetary” dates not always work as it would be desirable?

There is a variety of reasons for that.

First, when choosing specific dates (specifically lottery dates) we are talking about a shift in probability, but not about a prize guarantee. For example, if the probability is one in a million, and became one in a hundred thousand or even one in ten thousand, only each ten-thousandth person will win.

So “lottery dates” are an experiment (as mentioned in the video) to see how well equipment works. Personally, I prefer when someone uses techniques (including dates of “lottery” which are “monetary” dates) and gets their dream job, rather than a prize in a lottery. Or signs a business contract; receiving something “terrestrial” that we can influence, but not simply operating in space of true good luck and random numbers.

If you look at the history of Chinese metaphysics, most Feng Shui masters started studying this art not because they wanted money, many of them were already rich and notable. They were interested in synchronism and interrelation of things in the Universe. If you simply want “the magic button” without the vision of an overall picture and performance of draft work, none of this will work.

Secondly, use of Feng Shui gives opportunities. But … still it is necessary to work, gold ingots don’t fall from the sky, or else we would all wear helmets every day. All Feng Shui masters who I know (by the way, all of them are very well-to-do people) work hard. They know Feng Shui well. And what? As a result, they don’t sit all day in a chaise lounge and do not “smoke a bamboo”.

For example, I am one of the most successful professional consultants. But I had two days off for the last six months. It’s nothing to complain about, I love what I do, and it is more interesting to me, than to lie in front of the TV -:) It is to show that there are no freebies; even among the people who are masters in the art of Feng Shui.

Nevertheless, the Feng Shui master who has an awful Feng Shui of office or shop would look very inadequate.
What is the recipe for using metaphysical techniques and technologies for achieving success?

Follow this formula:
(1) find your favorite occupation, create the project in this or that area +
(2) choose dates for key points of the project+
(3) general consulting using Ba Zi, Qi Men and Yi-jin [to work with the partner or without, etc.]+
(4) excellent Feng Shui
= you will be one of the most successful people in your niche.

We can tell that Feng Shui is the steroids of business. But if there is no business or no effort to climb the ladder of success then the result is 0. It is the naked truth on the other side of promotion and advertising. The truth people don’t want to hear; this is the news behind a veil of pink clouds. But it is an empowering truth. The truth that the Feng Shui works; but it is the gateway to something Feng Shui doesn’t work in a vacuum.

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