Success formula of the Hyatt Hotel

Water is often the subject of discussion. People say that it is the source of wealth. But it is not. The source of Qi, or energy, is a mountain. Water is only a demarcation line next at which Qi stops. Water is a marker of Qi flow.

Rivers flow along the Dragon, past a mountain range, and across the valley. It is easier to understand the river flow than the Dragon (a mountain range) movement, and climb the mountains. The concepts of water and mountain are a bit misunderstood. We don’t talk about a mountain and water. We talk about the relativity of water and mountain. Everything you read in books is nonsense, especially about bodies of water, or aquariums that bring opportunities. They say that if you place a water object in your house, you’ll get a lot of money. Actually, this is far from the truth.

I would like to analyse the entrance of the Hyatt Hotel. The level of the reception in the hotel is a bit higher than the level of the road. From a technical point of view, if we look from the entrance, you will see steps right in front of you. From the point of view of the person who enters, we go up the mountain. It is called exiting Qi. Qi exits from the interior. Below the hotel level, there is a restaurant and we may think that they contradict.

We come in and see that some energy seems to go down, while some energy goes up to the reception. The situation is ambiguous. The ground floor would be more likely to florish. But the good news is that we don’t have to think about it. The barrier is fully closed with glass. Qi doesn’t go down. Pure Qi is pushed towards the reception.

If you look straight in front of you, from the entrance to the outdoors, and if you go straight ahead, you’ll get to a lake. This way, Qi goes from the hotel to the lake. In fact, the hotel uses exiting Qi in the landscape. There’s a synchronism: exiting Qi in the interior and exiting Qi in the landscape.

It is quite a modern hotel. There is nothing “Chinese” about it, but even so it meets Feng Shui requirements. Did they really use Feng Shui? I’m skeptical about this. They are either lucky owners or some unspoken Feng Shui rules are built into the project because they are a chain hotel. They may not even know where these rules are from, but they definitely exist.

In the same way, we don’t realize that we know grammar rules when we use Russian or English as our mother tongue. We don’t realize them, but they are stitched into us. Equally, a person can be unaware of Feng Shui rules, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t use them. He may be very, very lucky.

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