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YES is the central focus of today’s story.It is no surprise that one of my books is devoted to the same topic,
“In The Access Zone: How to Turn No Into Yes.”
In other words, how to connect to a universal Wi-Fi network.

You can find the book by following the link.

Do you want to know what inspired me to choose such an odd title for the book?

Sometimes we keep charging at the walls of our destiny,
trying to get something from it.
Sometimes, we get nothing, but NO.

So, I will share with you some insights to heat up the interest in the book (hopefully)).
Imagine the dialogue of two characters in the movie:
Character n.1 says that he received a negative reply to his request.
In turn, character n.2 suggests the following,

“Try again, but this time – ask what must be done in order to receive a positive answer.”

In other words, what you have to say, give, or promise to hear YES in return.
That is what I call a universal method of making deals with the Universe.

Imagine something that you want to reach.

You can choose anything you like.
For instance, you may want to achieve a goal in life,
improve your social status,
gain a different level of income,
find a loving partner, or make a dream come true.

So, you figured out what you want and are ready to press the button and pass it further,
to the Universe…

“(beeps)…please stay on the line and the next available operator will be with you.”

You wait in vain for the answer you may never get ((

Does it sound familiar?

Imagine a different scenario of the same situation:
You finally reached Universe’s phone. In this scenario, you will not experience a situation when:

  • The line is busy.
  • “Please stay on the line, all operators are busy right now.”
  • “Your call is very important to us.”
  • Disconnection due to poor communication.

If the second scenario looks more attractive to you, you may be interested in getting to know about techniques,
that we inherited from Ancient Chinese civilization.
However, some studies suggest that this knowledge was passed to us from even older civilizations than the Chinese.

They believed that TIME can be described not only in terms of quantitative characteristics but also in terms of qualitative characteristics.
Each moment of time is not homogeneous.

Using a specific time coordinate we can call a “Heaven helpline.”
It may sound like an extremely abstract idea,
however, you may change your mind after reading 90 pages of my book,
which can be found following the link.

Perhaps, some of you are familiar with the book ‘The Art of War,’ by Sun Tzu.
This book is taught at military academies and is extremely popular among East entrepreneurs.
It also gained recognition among West entrepreneurs over the last few decades.
In this book, Sun Tzu explains a particular warfare philosophy,
which made him famous.

At the same time, almost no one knows that Sun Tzu was a practitioner of the art,
known as the Mystical Doors of Destiny or Qi Men Dun Jia – Mystical Doors that hide Jia.
This study explains the heterogeneity of time and its layers.
That is what I refer to as a password to a universal Wi-Fi.

Imagine Time Gate.
It opens and closes as if it is an elevator in a high-rise building.
You wait for a minute, for a day, for a week in front of the Gate, for them to open.
The moment you took a step back from the Gate – they opened and closed in an instant.
You missed the chance! So, you keep on waiting, while life slips away.

If you want to catch the right moment to slip through the Gate,
use the Qi Men Dun Jia algorithm.
Sun Tzu possessed the same knowledge –
he knew how to determine whether the Gates were open.

I noticed that people who accept the warfare philosophy or business philosophy
(putting this in present-day language),
are familiar with the strategic component of the book written by Sun Tzu.
However, they know little to nothing about the Metaphysical or Mystical component of this book,
which is referred to as Mystical Doors.

In turn, people who are familiar with Metaphysics, which is a core component of Sun Tzu’s philosophy,
do not possess much knowledge on how to lead a business.
Therefore, in most cases, people can be divided into two categories.
Those who support Metaphysics and those who support business strategies,
while Sun Tzu mastered both types of knowledge.

Read a few pages of my book to get a better understanding of the idea I am trying to explain.

If you watched a movie called ‘Red Cliff’ or ‘Chibi,’
you probably remember the moment when Zhuge Liang appears.
Zhuge Liang is a military adviser,
who performs a ritual using a feather to change the wind direction at a crucial moment in the battle.
This ritual leads to a phenomenal victory.

The movie merely showcases the ritual,
while Zhuge Liang was a well-known practitioner of the art known as Qi Men Dun Jia or Mystical Doors.
To commemorate the memory of this metaphysician and commander,
the Chinese established a huge monument and built a pagoda in the place, which is believed to be his home.

The application part implies that you should learn to operate the knowledge regarding the heterogeneity of time,
to be able to obtain these Divine instruments.

This knowledge helps to gain access to universal Wi-Fi. You can read more about it in my book.

Imagine you are making a call and receiving a positive answer.
Your wish was granted,
you received YES as an answer.

What if you want to call again?
But the line will not be available for two or three months in a row.
This door, or a window will only be opened for several hours at night or during the day.

How should we determine when the Gate is open if we do not have a calendar to check the dates?
The Mystical Doors art contains knowledge regarding the exact calendar.
Open Doors provides lots of opportunities related to relationships, careers, property sales, health, business, and investments.

Each goal consists of different elements and each goal requires a calendar.
If you want to know the password to connect to the Heavenly Network,
refer to the Art of Mystical Door – Qi Men Dun Jia knows all the passwords!

Find your first passwords in my book by following the link.

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