Six lines, which contain the secret code of the Universe

“Forewarned is forearmed”…

Information has become a valuable resource in the conditions of modern reality. Different types of forecasts surround us: economic, political, sports, astrological and even weather forecasts. We check them periodically just to verify our plans.

How to look to the future is the topic, which has been worrying everybody for centuries. When statistic and planning were not developed, people enlisted the help of oracles and all sorts of fortune-telling.

The desire to open the veil of time and look to the future remains to these days. This is why people still use divination techniques. The word “fortune-telling” has a folk-romantic tone nowadays. “Predictions” is more fashionable version.

Modern people don’t like uncertainty, and “fortune-telling” feels like “guessing”. But the essence and reasons why people want to know the future are the same. We are not gods and most of the information about reality is just unavailable, but we still have to make a decision.

The Heaven is the only place where you can ask for an advice

Sometimes the situation is very delicate, so it´s impossible to ask your relatives for advice. Or our business requires immediate action and there is no time to discuss options. Also there are cases when a person can rely only on himself and Heaven…

In these situations we can use techniques to predict the future, which are intermediaries between us and the Universe. We can only accept and decode the answer of Heaven.

Prophets receive different question to ask the Universe. Along with deeply intimate, personal questions about relationships, health and longevity, people are interested in perspectives in life, feasibility of changing the country of residence, finding a job, opportunities in business.

There are several predictive techniques in Chinese metaphysics, such as Yi Jing, the King Wen sequence, Plum Blossom Oracle, Qi Men, Xuan Kong. Each of them has its own set of tools, which is used for prophecy, and its own method of interpretation. Each of them is able to increase awareness of a particular situation.

I don´t use the leaves of yarrow and dried turtle shell (we do protect animals). One of my favorite prediction techniques is “Liu Yao” or “6 Yaos” or “6 lines”, which allows you to receive extremely accurate and fast answer without time-consuming calculations.

Long time ago somebody told me about a business owner. If the process of making a decision reached dead end at board meeting and nobody had a good idea, the owner locked himself in the office, took out 3 coins, threw them 6 times and built 6 lines yin-yang and answered the question about the business development strategy. This tool, which can be used in situation where you don´t have all information to make a decision, is called “Liu Yao” (“6 Yaos”).

The “6 Yaos” system has something in common with Yi Jing (because “6 Yaos” looks like hexagram), and with The King Wen sequence (because coins are used in this method and there is a similar way of building lines), and with Plum Blossom Oracle and Qi Men as in these methods we take into account the phenomenon of time.

But “Liu Yao” is neither a Yi Jing, The King Wen sequence nor Xuan Kong. This is a fundamentally different technique, despite the fact it looks quite similar to another well-known ways to predict the future.

You don´t need any intermediary. Only personal conversation with the Universe is possible

The key is to have personal conversation with Heaven; the question should come from the person concerned. Qi should pass through the person, and, kind of, randomly coins should show the answer. This is why mediation is prohibited. Any way of it.

Maybe you have heard about very popular way of constructing hexagrams like computer emulator online based on generating random numbers. The computer in this case is a mediator. This is why you shouldn’t build hexagrams on computer and use them as an oracle, trying to get an answer to your question. We also can’t throw coins for a client, relatives, because in this situation we also are intermediaries.

“As the call, so the echo” ;))

In any prediction, half of the answer lies in the formulation of the question. Here is an example concerning hazard games: „Will the numbers 1 and 4 fall out in the casino at 2 o’clock within 5 shots made in a row?” or “Will I win today at 2 o’clock in the casino if I bet on the numbers 1 and 4 within 5 shots in a row?”

The answers will be completely different. If the numbers 1 and 4 win, it doesn’t mean, that you also will win. Let’s say you came to a casino and are ready to try your luck. But when the ball fell 1-4, 1-4, you went to the bathroom or accidently started conversation with pretty lady or handsome guy and didn’t bet in the right moment…  Was the prediction wrong? No. Did you win? No…Shit happens.

This is why the 100% coincidence of the response of the prediction and your expectations depends on the precise and correct formulation of the question.

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