How does the right feng shui look?

By 09.02.2015 фэншуй

We will understand the difference between an authentic Feng Shui obtained by personal communication and knowledge transferred from the masters of Southeast Asia, from feng shui, which we have.

In fact, most of the books are written not even by feng shui practitioners but by journalists who read several online articles, do the rewriting – and as the result – do a book.

And do not blame them, because they do not claim that they understand something in this matter. It’s just their job. Often dirty and unprincipled, but a job.

How does the Feng Shui look like?
I was once asked: “How does the Feng Shui look like?” Great question!

It looks like this: ………………………………………………………………………….

That basically means that it looks like….nothing!

You arrive, for example, to any bank in Singapore and try to see whether there is feng shui there. And what do we associate feng shui with ? Some dragons, turtles, something like that… And you’ll look for them, look and look … and you can not find them anywhere.

In this case, is feng shui there? Yes, indeed!

You know, how does the radiation look like? It looks like nothing. But we see its effect. Similarly, in feng shui – you can see the effect.

Dosimeter for Feng Shui?
Is there a device that measures the feng shui? (There is also a dosimeter that measures radiation.)

There is such a device, it is called feng shui compass Lopan. Contains concentric rings, where some hieroglyphic form of written rules and principles are present. Lopan in conjunction with another important instrument called the “head” helps to determine the level of success and well-being space.

The key word in Feng Shui is the word qi (or chi) – a kind of energy, the breath of dragon, which we measure using Lopan. We come to the front door, lean Lopan towards it, then measure the direction. Then use the known formula and get the answer.

But even without Lopan we can often figure out a good or a bad house.

By watching the effect.

You walk up to the house – windows are broken, the children drink beer and swear, and drunk as a lord miner reads to himself some mantra – why would you measure something – everything is clear (as with radiation – the result is always visible).

Familiar friend of mine says, “Look, I do not believe in feng shui because I believe only in what I feel.”

More stupid statement I have never heard …

In this case, we do not have to believe in radiation, ultrasound, infrared or ultraviolet radiation, the existence of black holes, and in many other things.

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