[Real Story] How much does skimpiness cost?

By 09.03.2015 фэншуй


Have you seen long queues in the restaurant? When at the same time restaurants next to that one are completely empty. In Malaysia and Singapore this is often observed.

ЧWhat makes people stand 30 minutes in line?
Kitchen? …
Interior …?
Advertising …?
The effect of social proof?
Or the line attracts the line itself?

I would answer it in another way: People are drawn to Chi.

They follow the chi quite unconsciously. They fly on to Chi just like a bee flying to flower.
People are attracted to Chi. To a good one or opposite one.

And the quality of the food, by the way, also depends on the quality of Chi. Cooks are also people who like Chi.

A similar story comes from the sale of real estate. Buyers do “smell” Chi. They somehow “lure” to a certain factors of Feng Shui of the apartment. Even if it is bad in terms of Feng Shui. Even if it does not bring them luck.

I’m not talking about choosing home for themselves. I’m talking about the other side of the transaction. I’m talking about the sellers. And how do the customers “know” that they need to go view this specific apartment? Just as they learn about the popular restaurant. Specific “scent” that recognizes Chi attracts them.

How do they know that last month there was only 2 viewings, and now in one day – 12? How did they know that this morning we did some Feng Shui intervention and everyone urgently rushed to view it?
Incidentally, the apartment is sold on the same day.

And now the case, I wanted to tell you about … There are such cases. From my point of view it is completely irrational …

A person is interested in Feng Shui service to sell real estate … He finds out what do we do and how do we accelerate the sale. Understands the steps and stages, and the fact that we can sell an object at a price above the market price through some Feng Shui manipulations. The man finally learns that there is a fixed amount and a small % of the purchase price in case of a sale within a specified period of time.

Next comes the fun part …

Let’s say a person was skimpy to pay% … Despite the fact that he doesn’t really pay anything , because the cost of services is added to the price of the property and will be paid afer the result (sale) … So he is working on his own. Without any “obscurantism”.

Thus, the seller puts the object at the market price and is waiting … It takes a year … The object is not selling. Although he had reduced the price twice. Seller calls me … Maybe in a year he got used to my % and the idea that there might be something wrong with an object…

But there is a problem …
Life does not stand still and neither does the cost of my service….

Seller is shocked and backs up in terms of Feng Shui services. Object again falls into a year-long stagnation period … But, unlike whiskey, over the years, the price of an object in a falling economy is only dropping down.
Guess what’s next? A year later, the seller calls me again and the wheel of absurd makes another turn.

Well, I guess I just can’t understand this …lost years, money and nerves for the seller. What’s the point?


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