Book — In The Access Zone: How To Turn “NO” Into “YES”


Here is a fraction of what you will learn…

  • What questions to ask to take you closer to your goal…and stop asking the questions that are leading you further away from success. (page 8)
  • How to “hack” your communication with other people to remove the roadblocks impeding cooperation, collaboration, and networking…luck and fortune are tied to your personal connections…are you limiting their power in your life (page 29)
  • Why your luck and fortune is directly related to your energy level. How to use the principles of Qi Men to boost your energy (and luck) levels quickly (page 44)
  • How to “pray” so that “Heaven” hears you. As it says in the book of Dao: Heaven does not understand human language. I’ll show you how to “speak the language of Heaven”…and increase your probability of getting what you want (page 49)
  • How I changed the weather in the Alps. My true story of “moving the clouds” so my students could see Mont Blanc. (page 50)