Imagine the following situation:
You are having an important meeting with the investor,
who is willing to put money into your project.

You thought over all the details,
you polished your presentation,
you prepared your speech thoroughly,
and you practiced your speech several times.
Everything seems perfect! What can possibly go wrong?

On the appointed day,
it turned out that your potential investor was dumped by his girlfriend,
his dog did not feel good, and his business partner said that he is leaving.
In short, your investor is going through a rough period of his life.

Would he be happy to see you?
Most likely no.
What if you appointed the meeting a day or a week earlier?
Quite possibly, it could have changed everything…

Some may say that it is just a matter of luck.
And everything happens for a reason or does not happen, in this case.
They might be right – but none likes to lose.
People enjoy reaching their goals and removing obstacles along the way at the (metaphysical) snap of a finger.

Would not it be great if you could choose the right day and time to make your dreams come true?
If yes – let’s talk about the Metaphysical Calendar.

The same activities performed on different days may bring opposite outcomes.
Upon this assumption is built ancient Chinese Metaphysics.
We should also include the observation of time to complete the picture.

How did ancient Feng Shui masters perceive the time?
They believed that time is not uniform but follows a cyclic manner.
In other words, time possesses certain quality characteristics,
which are represented through the 60 Jia Zi in the 1000-year Calendar,
which go in circles.
Each “circle” of the cycle alternates in year, month, day, and hour.

The whole set reminds me of a combination lock with four rotating wheels,
where one wheel is year, another one is month,
and the rest two are day and hour representatively.

Thus, the combination of four quality characteristics
(year, month, day, and hour)
creates a unique combination,
some sort of a cocktail, where the main ingredient is time itself.

Luck is a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right people around.

That is why, in planning,
it is vital to choose the right day and time to implement or
initiate important events or tasks.

The Metaphysical Calendar, 12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024,
assists you with the initiation of various activities in your business,
career, and personal life.
It contains all the necessary information on the most auspicious,
as well as the least auspicious days (and times) to make plans accordingly.

Why does it matter?

In the same way, electricity flows through the plugged-in electric device,
energy flows through the person’s body – giving the power to move forward.
By speaking this way, a person’s vitality depends on energy levels.

When time is synchronized with space,
a person can feel energy rise as well as luck increase.
It means Qi flows to the person.

It does not happen every day,
there are certain days when a person can experience it.
When you select auspicious days for events and other activities,
you may get a variety of different benefits:

A moleculeDifferent processes run smoothly and have a positive impact on your life.
A moleculeProjects bring more value.
A moleculeYou receive an opportunity to eliminate obstacles, which will give you more time.
A moleculeYou will not step on the rake in situations in which you would probably do so.
A moleculeYou expand your network and get the support you need.

It may sound as if we are selling a miracle,
but it is not completely true.
In any case, keep in mind the following:

  1. Simply knowing the auspicious days will not guarantee any positive outcome if you do nothing.

You ought to put in personal effort.
For instance, you may know the right date to pass an exam successfully,
but you know nothing about the subject.
You may win the sympathy of your teacher,
but you will not get good grades.

There are chances for more miraculous situations of improvisation,
but you should not solely rely on a miracle to happen.
Especially it concerns events that may significantly impact your future.

Another example is a wedding.
If you choose the right date for the ceremony,
you may have a few years of happy family life.
But, in the long run, it will not protect you from a divorce,
if the marriage does not work.

  1. Auspicious days are specific to each person.

Days and times that come along with the Calendar
are derived from the personal Bazi chart.
To do so, we analyze the interaction between Bazi factors.
The way one of the 10 Gods interacts with the Tai Sui of the year.
In other words, if you are having the most glorious day of your life,
it does not mean that another person is having the same glorious day.
All the dates are personal and should not be shared with another person.

  1. Some days are good for doing business and some are for taking a good rest.

In the calendar, you may find days and even months appropriate for
improving financial well-being, making successful investments,
gaining new knowledge or dealing with health issues.
You will know when it is essential to act as a leader and take control of the situation.

Would you like to get some tips on your daily, weekly, or annual planning?
If yes, grab your copy of a digital Metaphysical Calendar 2024 to improve your life in no time.

  1. Does it apply to time as well?

The answer is yes.
Hours (2-hour period) can also be auspicious for certain activities.
The Calendar helps you to allocate the best time for
financial opportunities and deals.

Moreover, one can allocate the most appropriate,
as well as an effective time for brainstorming to come up with brilliant ideas for
your business and personal life.

Considering everything above mentioned, do not forget to be rational in your decisions.

Now that you know the benefits of using the Metaphysical Calendar, 12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024. That is a plus. It is time to learn about another side of the coin:

When you postpone projects or other activities until the right day, you lose time by doing nothing. Potentially, it may cause losses at some point. That is a minus.

So, relatively speaking,
you hold a profit from choosing the right date and time in one hand;
and losses from waiting too long in other hand.

So, stick to the rational approach when it comes to decision-making.
That is why, from my point of view,
profits should exceed possible losses,
when it comes to date selection.

What if you get 20% more benefits from using the Calendar?

I do not like to wait by nature.
Surely, I make mistakes when I rush to do something,
but the same relates to indecisiveness.
And when I make a mistake,
I consider it as another step toward my goal.

In short, I pay attention to the most valuable dates and times,
which can be your Golden Days (3X) (also included in the Calendar)
and plan my activities accordingly.
I will not wait for six months to make a move, and I will not suggest you do the same. So, make plans but be realistic when you set your goals.

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