How to turn your home into place of power

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Do you know the 100% reliable way to determine whether your Feng Shui is OK?

Life has given us a litmus paper to determine the concentration of positive and negative energies at home.

If your revenues dropped in the first half of 2020 then Feng Shui is not 100% okay. Why is it so?
Because during self-isolation we lived under influence of the same energies at least for 2 months.

In real life we can fill missed parts in our apartment’s Feng Shui by visiting different places and receiving different kinds of energy, which is impossible for the majority of people this Summer.

If there were no significant changes in your business, then Feng Shui is Ok.

And if things got even better then you don’t have to worry about Feng Shui at all.

Anyway, now I’m going to tell you about:

  • how to stop the drop of energy
  • how to stabilize energy level at your home
  • how to get to the next level


Most people do not know that Qi energy exists and impacts us. But everyone knows that electromagnetic waves, radiation, ultraviolet, etc. do exist.

Therefore, everyone believes in physical processes but does not have much faith in the metaphysical process but did anybody believe in radiation 1000 years ago?

If you find Feng Shui influence as obvious
as influence of ultraviolet then you can discover
a method to manage energies of the space
with my book at

There is a joke among people who practice Feng Shui: ‘If you don’t believe in Feng Shui then try 5 Yellow star’

For newbies, 5 Yellow is negative energy and when you bother it you may experience different kinds of trash in your life.

By the way, no one tried it, even when they don’t believe in it.

Feng Shui is being misunderstood… People think that is all about turning a home into a Chinese souvenir store.

Frog with a coin is placed in the South-East corner… wind chimes on the front door… the south wall is painted in the red color and other BS…

Feng Shui is all about energy flow. I think that the closest metaphor to describe Feng Shui would be -acupuncture for a property.

Just like our bodies have energy meridians and active spots on them. There are the same spots (power fields) in the space.

Just as meridians on the body are only active for a specific time, the same is true to the meridians of the house, apartment, office.

In the case with the body, when we act on the acupuncture spots we experience relief, symptoms become less severe or we experience a full recovery… in the case of the space, we take some kind of metaphysical credit (loan) to achieve our goals.

In metaphysical language, we call it ‘activations’.

There is a quote from my book: ‘Activations as a technique in Chinese metaphysics are your opportunity to become more effective, more successful and fortunate, stop energy drop, stabilize energy level and promote to the next energy level.

Without any exaggeration. Only if you use this technique in the right way. I do not mean a scrupulous technical implementation of activation. I mean something else.

This technique helps the one who tends to think, to do something with hands, and have work to accomplish. If you have a hammer it does not mean you have a chair. You have to define the exact chair you want to manufacture: with or without chair back, 3 or 4 legs, straight or curved shape, natural wood color or painting, etc. After this, you would need boards, nails the materials for the chair. And only after that you take a hammer and start to manufacture.

In the beginning, you visualize and set goals of what you want to achieve in the end. Then you design a detailed project and discover what you have to do in order to meet the goal. Only after that, you choose the right activation to achieve a great result.

When you learn how to master this technique you will become a part of a small group of people who can create their own reality.

We determine the point in the property and perform a specific action at a certain time.

Those who are not familiar with this concept I will explain what these activations mean.

When you need an advantage, some kind of a leap to get out of the existing weird situation… or to accomplish an ambitious goal:

  • Activations are the best solution – with their help we create a splash of Qi energy which increases personal energy and therefore level of our fortune.
  • Because everything in life is energy:
    Relationships between people=energy

That is because people attracted to energy. You won’t even attract followers in Instagram without it)

The defining factor in the selection of activation is your desired final result.

Activations are applied for:

  • Welfare gains
  • Improvement of the relationship
  • Health issues
  • Revenue-raising
  • Conclusion of business deals, projects, contracts
  • Client growth or getting one big order
  • Job search
  • Wage increases
  • Reward or bonuses
  • Unexpected gifts
  • Material support
  • Sale of real estate
  • Lottery or casino games
  • Court disputes
  • Returning back a loan

Many of my students achieved great results thanks to successful activations.

From Julia: «I described to my friends “warming up a star” activation … I told them, that it does not mean that a wallet will fly into their window… But after they performed the activation, they found a pack of dollars at their car»

However, some people did not receive the result they wanted to achieve.

So, why activations might not work or why they work wrong?

Before making activation you have to find a location of 5 Yellow star and Sha energies in particular sectors outside a home in order not to activate negative energies along with noble ones.

  • In the meantime, I’ve noticed one sad fact: beginners (and a majority of so-called Feng Shui consultants) can not see any farther than the apartment’s wall. They look at the floor plan, settle the stars and that’s it. Feng Shui is done.

But Feng Shui is all about managing energies of the space, and the house is just a small part of the whole picture.

  • The quality of energy within the property depends on the energies outside the house.

If Qi outside is not Okay, then even if you have a number of auspicious stars in your property plan you will not have a good Feng Shui… auspicious energy will not appear in the home, if space, where it is located, does not have it.

That is a Rule. Constanta.

If Sha – negative energy – is outside of the property then please don’t activate this sector inside your home. The result will be far from normal.

Or you can try to activate it and track the result. If nothing bad happens, then you identified Sha sector incorrectly or there is no Sha sector at all.

I am kidding) It is better not to activate it

Good news is that most of the objects are wrongly accused of being Sha objects (I will explain it in the next article)

What is the activation?

They are different variations of them:

  • Simple activations – purification of a specific sector, furniture rearrangement, the placing of a small fountain, or a candle. Some cases require more aggressive actions like knocking or drilling noises. The bigger vibration, the more powerful the activation. But you have to understand what you activate and where.
  • There are soft activations – wishes. They are not good for beginners because they don’t have experience in energy practices. Sad to say, however, nowadays many people suffer from energy dystrophy.
  • And finally, the hardest activation is the action itself. None wants to work hard, to change yourself. The majority of people just want to put a candle and let the magic happens. This is another example of why activations don’t work.

If you are determined to take actions then metaphysical techniques will help you to make business more effective:

  • Business meetings and negotiations with partners and clients
  • Communications with partners, customers, and debtors
  • Sending commercial offers via email
  • Working with your team online or offline
  • Sending a resume via email
  • Communication with a potential employer
  • Successful job interview
  • Legal affairs: licenses, visas, etc.
  • Lottery and online bets
  • Romantic relationships
  • Exams or preparation for the exams
  • Better healing process or disease prevention
  • Appointments to the doctors, bookings (except for extreme cases)
  • Beginning of treatment
  • Increase in sales (property, car, etc.)

Activation always includes 3 components: Earth, Heaven, and Human luck.

In simple terms: right place, right time, and right intention.

Another mistake: people exclude one important ingredient – mental attitude.

That is because they don’t understand the Trinity: Earth, Heaven, and Human. Those three pillars of the Chinese Metaphysics.

When the mind is not involved, then chances that activation will work are less than 50%, even with perfect Feng Shui and timing.

How does mental attitude affect the result?

Above I explained that human is an as equally important element of activation as the time and place. A person can both facilitate/strengthen an activation or vice-versa, cause complications… even nullify all actions. Why is it so?

The major cause is a mental attitude.
Your mindset
How you percept the world
Mental setups

That all creates cause-effect relationships.

We basically activate the space simply by being in it. That is because the strongest activator is a person itself, as well as the biggest Sha.

The majority of people tend to think: «I will have to do all those terrible things: replacement of bed, lighting up a candle, settle fountains around the home».

What if I do all those things and it won’t change anything?

But the right approach is – what if I start acting to get the desired result?
If you won’t get it – never mind.
But what if you get what you want?

I am going to tell you a scary secret – if you had ever read biographies of people who reached the great success you would probably notice…

We lose most of the battles in life. But we don’t focus on what is lost… We think of how we
can win this «championship».

And then we celebrate the victory. And cultivate it in our own mind. This creates important neural connections for success celebrations.

Back to the real world…

In essence, even if you understand only one concept from the whole article – fortune is energy. No energy – no luck – it is fine.

You need to develop personal energy and discover strong energy places by any means.

By receiving energy from the living place you activate the activation.

In this sense, metaphysicians have an unfair advantage)

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