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The 2020 year may be INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL for you even in crisis times.

Have not you ever thought that if the goal requires personal efforts, then subjectively it is seen as something more valuable than luck that fell from the sky?

If you are familiar with Qi Men, then it is similar to the activation called “The bird flying into the cave”.

This bird brings luck that is hard to keep, because… simply because you do not notice it!

It comes as sudden as it leaves.

That is a tricky moment.

But now I want to tell you about something different from luck.

Today’s topic is wellness…

The state of well-being comes from good health… both physical and mental.

The topic, which I promote for the last 10 years, is that none of us is born self-sufficient from the perspective of energy…

That is where all the talks about the path of harmony and balance come from.

My path of balance is on the human level – it is key competences, talents, and skills exchange.

On a higher level – we do all provide each other with possibilities.

Today I want to share a theme that is very appropriate at a time – how to find people that heals us.

→ First of all, who are these people?

It could be a doctor, healer, massage therapist, fitness trainers; a person who you ask for health advice. Even a friend, with whom you attend the gym…

Because people around us also have much influence on our “internal magic”.

In a broad sense, these are people that heal our souls.


*But first, identify the animals of your birth chart. It’s easy to find them using my calculator

Calculate Ba Zi and find out the animals that are presented in your date of birth.

In this technique, we should focus on the year and day pillars. These both are associated with health.

Next, determine which animals will be your healers.

→ Find them on the other person’s chart. It is recommended to look at the year pillar since this pillar is the first thing we contact with the person.

You – other people
Rat🐀 – Tiger🐅, Pig🐖
Bull🐂 – Rat🐀, Snake🐍
Tiger🐅 – Ox🐂, Monkey🐒
Rabbit🐇 – Tiger🐅, Horse🐎
Dragon🐉 – Goat🐐, Dog🐕
Snake🐍 – Bull🐂, Dragon🐉
Horse🐎 – Tiger🐅, Dog🐕
Goat🐐 – Pig🐖, Snake🐍
Monkey🐒 – Rabbit🐇, Ox🐂
Rooster🐓 – Goat🐐, Pig🐖
Dog🐕 – Rat🐀, Dragon🐉
Pig🐖 – Rabbit🐇, Rooster🐓

For example, you were born in the year of the Pig. It means that people with a Rabbit or Rooster have a healing effect on you.

→ Advanced level

You can apply this technique to all 4 levels.

In our example, the Pig is in the year. But let’s suggest that we have it in the month.

The month pillar of the birth chart is related to a career and a business. It means that people with a Rooster or Rabbit can be useful for the “health of the business”.

They may have a recipe for breaking the impasse in one of your projects… or they may know someone who knows how to do it. Or near them, you may have fresh ideas that are capable to inject health into your business.

In other words, use the “healing power” of these people to find a path to recovery and take the first step.

Another situation if the Pig is in the hour pillar. In this case, it will affect your vision of the future, secret and deep desires, projects, and children.

In a case with the day, it will affect your marriage, health, beliefs, and the inner core of the personality.

Use this pillar to pull yourself out of a personal crisis and an impasse.

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I bow down to you, Vladimir, and your team!!!
It is okay if you have an algorithm, which finds structures automatically…

But if you do it with your hands, as I did it today 🙂 🙂
Then it is tremendous spending!

…of everything!

!! It is not only you give us information – you!!
Also save our resources (time, nerves, energy…)!

There is a proverb I like: what is not spent is earned. I have heard it since I was a kid. Today I felt it with the heart. It is all about value, gratitude, and acceptance. At least, it is how I feel.

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