Part 1. Flies and Bees 20/80. Crisis and Depression

By 26.04.2016 фэншуй

A fly has flown to a blooming orchard.
There are trees, and flowers and grass (just grass, don’t think of any white monkey :))
While flying over all this, a fly is looking for shit.
And finds it, of course.
As her so-called cognitive processes are adjusted to detect it.

And if you ask a fly what kind of trees and flowers were in the garden,
Or was there some ordinary grass or some special one –
The fly will know nothing about it.
But it will tell you the positioning of the piece of shit together with its amount, density, and smell.

If a bee flies through a blooming orchard
It is totally indifferent to shit.
But it has a detailed map where all kinds of flowers and trees, every blade of grass are very thoroughly noted, together with their smells and colors
(A bee might be blind or have a black-and-white sight, but the metaphor is quite understandable)

Ask a bee to find the positioning of shit in her navigator – and it will turn to you its “face” stained in pollen and just give you a questioning look…

So, would you like to be a “bee” or a “fly”?

A bee, a bee! – And the majority of readers are starting jumping for joy.

It’s not that simple, though
More about this – in the second part of the article that is coming soon.

And now let’s talk about depression:

Depression is:
1. Crisis (like the Great Depression in the USA)
2. Frustration, dejection
3. Mental disorder that needs medical treatment and special psychotherapy
(In this article the subject is the definition of #2, which, from psychiatry’s perspective, is not called depression)

Being affected by events that take place can make you feel uncomfortable the world we used to live in does not exist anymore.

But, in fact, has anything changed?
“Everything that happens is impermanent, like air bubbles in water”

As one business thinker said:
“In business, every three months there is a crisis. Except the case when, once in several years, there is a disaster.”

Depression is a “natural” response to negative things that happen; this is the way “everyone” reacts.

But such “natural” response is not the most effective one.
For instance, we tend to freeze in case of danger instead of acting.

An example: I heard a story about one guy driving his car at night. The road was almost empty, but one drunk driver swerved into oncoming traffic and right into another car…
The guy had time to drive his car to the shoulder of the road…
He had time to drive the car to the ditch…
He had time to turn into another lane…

Instead, he froze. He stopped the car and waited until the second car caught up and killed him.

“Naturally,” “like everyone” are our habits.
But we can develop other, new habits.

No, it is not necessary to see everything through rose-coloured glasses and say how great and positive everything is. If you lost a lot of money, it’s not fucking positive, it feels bad, so don’t lie to yourself.

But it is possible to learn to see possibilities and react differently.

Method #1 on how to get rid of depression
During a conflict or a quarrel we become tense, our muscles are constrained, and our breath is rapid and shallow.

The same things happen in the periods of stress or depression.

An antidote: take a deep short inhale with your stomach and a long exhale.
Relax the muscles of your face, arms and shoulders. Shake your arms/
Energy will start to flow, and you will be able to see other opportunities then killing yourself or that guy.

Make this exercise right now!

Exercise 2, “A reversible horizon”, is in my next article.

You can find a more detailed description of this series
in my new project “Millionaires’ Club”.
What is important there is that we study ways of thinking:
how to think effectively,
while 99% of people around are just screaming, doing a lot of chest thumping and gasping heavily in the lack of any arguments.

When stress leaves others frozen,
it is necessary to a) think and b) act!

There are almost no competitors!
They are “naturally” staying in their crisis depressive state.

Let the good Feng Shui be with you!
Vladimir Zakharov

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