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What does Feng Shui look like?

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We should understand how authentic Feng Shui, learned through personal contact and transfer of knowledge from masters of Southeast Asia, differs from the Feng Shui we have.

Practitioners of Feng Shui do not write the majority of books. Journalists who read some Internet articles, do some rewriting and turn out books as if on a production line are the ones who write them.
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Is Feng Shui a female occupation?

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Attention (!) Below is my SUBJECTIVE (=manly) view on a question “Feng Shui is a female occupation?” I do not assume, by any means, to be the ultimate authority. I sincerely welcome your comments and feedback.

Whatever we say about “equal rights,” in the western society (including Post-Soviet) there is male chauvinism.
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Wealth and happiness without Feng Shui

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Feng Shui skeptics often list the same objections:

“Listen, I know many people who live very well without consulting a shaman to choose auspicious dates of getting ripped off by a FengShui expert.

Some of the more religiously inclined skeptics wonder if such “heathen” practices aren’t inspired and directed by the Evil One himself. Read More