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About money and values

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A few years ago I heard the idea:
„If you know Chinese Metaphysics,
there is no way you don’t have one million dollars! ”

No matter what kind of chart you have,
there are things in the space, in the time…
If you activate them correctly, you will have a sum of money

Maybe you won´t rank among the top 100 people in Forbes, but one million,
X millions you are able to make.
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6 ways to attract luck into your life

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Is it possible to attract good luck and success? It’s a philosophical question. The most popular answers to it are brought to three main theses:

  1. Luck has nothing to do with it. “Learn, work hard and you’ll have everything!” Have you heard this? A lot of people having two or three degrees work 24 hours a days in three different places dreaming about happiness and welfare for their families. And what is the result?
    The idea that everything is in your hands is quite interesting. It means “I can achieve everything, anything, there are no limits”. But limits exist and show their worth.
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Money, cards and Feng Shui

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“I shouldn’t believe in Feng Shui, I use it because it brings me money”, these words belong to Donald Trump, whose fortune is more than 4.5 billion dollars.In one of his interviews he said, “I’m not so stupid to ignore this 5000-year-old art”. By the way, the millionaire Jack Canfield, one of the creators of the film “Secret”, said that he is consulted by his Feng Shui master every year.

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The Teacher and the Glass Wall

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Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes separated from the desired by an invisible wall? This wall separates the rich from the poor, people who know English from those who dream to learn it, people who know how to film and those who don’t … and of course Feng Shui practitioners from those who can’t use this knowledge.

On the one side of this wall there are people who learn and learn and learn…

On the other side there are people who have these skills and successfully use them in life. Although they could have learned much less. Or couldn’t have learned at all.
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