Symbols and charms to attract well-being

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Are there any symbols and charms in classical Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is translated as “wind and water” and dates back to the phrase “If  Qi rides the wind, it is scattered; if it is bounded by water, it is held”, taken from the book of burials by Master Gopu. In fact, Feng Shui is an art of placement. Above all, it is a science of placing people in the space, not of placing the figures of Chinese toads on coins, copulating hippos and so on…
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If you are lonely …

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As for relationships, I think there’s one rule:
To get something you need
You should give what you possess.
For example, give away jealousy, or high ambitions, or the idea that the whole world owes something to you…
Or give away the set of 100 criteria of a partner…
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100 steps to the dream and my mistake

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Only a few people know that apart from being a fan of Chinese metaphysics, I’m also a fan of the phenomenon known as “peak performance” : how to reach the peak of yourself….
how to enter the “zone” state when time stops… you feel almost a god… you may be in this state for hours without feeling tired doing the job you really like…
it’s also about how to find the shortest way to your purpose…
(In fact, there are 2 ways: to work a lot and to work intellectually 🙂 )…
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94 lines about metaphysics, not only the Chinese one

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Everything has come from emptiness,
Everything will go into emptiness
Every phenomenon has got its own reason
And it’s got the same order as the consequence
20% of reasons are responsible for 80% of consequences
we get from the cash-till into which we put something
You won’t get a cent of personal happiness from the “wealth” cash-till
You won’t get a cent of wealth from the “harmony” cash-till
Money and wealth are in counter-balance
Money and relationships are in counter-balance

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{The Bulgarian Method, part 2} About Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty

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Do you remember  that in the 1st part of the article I gave Suggestion 3 for “the Bulgarian Method”? Oracle.

Suppose you are marking the house using King Wen’s method…
_____ xu Parents
_____ shen Brothers
_____ wu Officer
_____ chen Parents
_____ yin Wealth
_____ zi Children
You’ve done the marking correctly…
You’ve determined the factors correctly…
You’ve come to the wrong conclusion which factor stands for your question (the most difficult thing in prediction is to find the factor, if you, for instance, ask about children, it’s Brotherhood Star according to 6 Yao Method, it’s not the Children Star, which seems to be evident)
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The “Bulgarian” method in Chinese metaphysics

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Everything in metaphysics is hung on one nail …
If you pull it out, everything collapses…
And it will be the last nail driven in the cover of our metaphysical practice coffin ….
The whole system is correct… the building is correct…
The foundation is incorrect… the reference point is incorrect…

Everything is OK with the bow.
Everything is OK with the arrow.
Everything is Ok with the wind.

The problem is with the archer…
Who aims the arrow in the wrong direction….
The problem seems to have a simple solution…
But you should be attentive…
You should be aware…
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Mystical doors and relationships

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Qi Men charts is one of the
most precise methods to read the luck in private life.
While analysing relationships we
look at the following:
– the Door of Birth
– 6 Harmonies Deity
– The place of Ji wood and Geng metal
– The place of the Palace of Life
Ji wood stands for the wife, Geng Metal – for the husband.
If the Open Door is in one of these palaces,
the relationships are under threat…
They are open for the third party to appear…

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Indirect Wealth Profile

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What is “indirect money” or “indirect wealth”?

These people are excellent risk-managers able to turn any business into gold. They introduce new laws and rules, they are risk-takers. People with the Indirect Wealth Profile consider risks to be challenges which are to be overcome.

Yang Profile

Indirect Wealth Profile means that the person can be pragmatic and determined. Such people are not tired of socializing, on the contrary, we can see them real only in communication.  Yang profiles are easy to realize themselves only when they are surrounded by other people. They have got a calculating and pragmatic mind.
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4 levels of love

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Love is an abstract noun.
Hearing this word some people imagine a bunch of flowers,
some – a night in the hayloft.
There are 4 levels of love:
physical, psychical,
intellectual, transcendental.
Love is like water conditions:
ice, water, steam.
The essence of water is permanent, the forms are different.
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