Zhi Fu – the Main Spirit of Qi Men Dun Jia

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Qi Men Dun Jia can be loosely translated as «Mystical Gates, hiding Jia» – the doors which you pass through to meet luck or hide from failure.

Qi Men is a kind of energy matrix describing the energy of space at a current moment. We can calculate the year, month, day or hour chart. Each chart has its purpose: for example, we can apply the hour chart only during a certain Chinese two-hour period.

But today I won’t load you down with complicated technical terms and calculations.

We will talk about one very powerful factor in the Qi Men chart – about Zhi Fu (or the Main Spirit).

Zhi Fu – is one of the 10 “deities” or archetypes of Qi Men, which is considered the main and the most powerful one. Don’t be misled by the word “deity.” 🙂 It is just a translation and has nothing to do with religion.

How can one use Zhi Fu?

The Main Spirit protects, provides patronage, brings wealth, as well as the help of influential people.
It influences any area of life: health, business, relationship, traveling , competitions, legal proceedings, sales, career.

But perhaps the coolest ability is that Zhi Fu grants wishes (all kinds of wishes).

So be careful with your wishes!
Make them in the proper form!

For example, the form “May I have no problems” is WRONG!
The Universe doesn’t understand particles such as “no”. Guess, what will happen in the end?

Therefore, make wishes in the correct affirmative form. It may even be one word.
Express the emotion or state.


  • Zhi Fu brings happiness and luck.
  • Zhi Fu is favorable for all activities, especially if one needs to reach the goal quickly and smoothly.
  • Zhi Fu is good to follow in the matters of wealth, and also if one needs to appeal to higher-ranking people or patrons.
  • If you don`t know which deity to address, feel free to address the Main Spirit.


  • Find Zhi Fu in the chart (don’t panic! We have calculated everything for you!)
  • Define the cardinal direction, the palace where Zhi Fu is located at this period of time, and position yourself with your back towards this direction.
  • Enter an alpha state and clearly articulate your wish.
    One needs to remember: the more often one communicates with the Spirit, the faster the wishes will be granted..
  • Or one can do some action: a business call, conduct negotiations, send a resume for an interview, post a for-sale ad or something else. Activation through action always works better!

Test right NOW how this powerful technique works.

To Do This:

  1. Download the PDF file, which we took from the monthly club activations “Explosive Improvement of Luck.”
  2. In the chart, find the Zhi Fu direction corresponding to the current two-hour period. For example, on March 1 at 11:00-13:00, Zhi Fu was located in the west.
  3. This means that during this two-hour period, one should sit with one’s back towards the west, concentrate, formulate a wish, and continue working or engaging in any other activity.

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DISCLAIMER: The information stated above is based on my experience. Please understand that I’m not implying you’ll have the same result (or anything for that matter). I have an advantage in terms of my expertise. I have been practicing Chinese Metaphysical Arts for 20 years and I have established it as my result. Anyone who buys “how-to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references as an example. Your results will vary and they will depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All businesses and personal affairs entail risk as well as huge and consistent efforts and actions. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT USE IT.

How to resist failures of the past?

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There are 3 simple things, which you can abandon and protect yourself from failures of the past…

  1. Usually people tend to tie their misfortunes into a ball: one thing happened, then another and they are connected to the third one.

This is how we create in our mind A STRING OF FAILURES.
Imagine a piece of paper…it’s easy to tear it.
If you take 10 pieces of paper, it will be harder to do.
And 100? A man can’t do it.

So why do you complicate your life and create patterns of your failures of the past?!
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Six lines, which contain the secret code of the Universe

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“Forewarned is forearmed”…

Information has become a valuable resource in the conditions of modern reality. Different types of forecasts surround us: economic, political, sports, astrological and even weather forecasts. We check them periodically just to verify our plans.

How to look to the future is the topic, which has been worrying everybody for centuries. When statistic and planning were not developed, people enlisted the help of oracles and all sorts of fortune-telling.
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The Void

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There is such a thing in Feng Shui like „go into the void”
Put a table or a bed in a specific way, so the problem
“will come and find no one at home”

For example, when my client has issues in every sphere of his life,
It’s like cornucopia of problems, which are increasing exponentially.
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Life is a supermarket!

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When we want to know a potential of a situation…
get to the bottom of multiple versions of the future…

which are pretty restricted…

we can prophesy…
using different technics…
tarot cards, Yi Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia
(Mystic doors)…

People often forget the basics

“Everything what happens has it own reason,
and this reason is on the same order as the consequence”.
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License for energy of favorable neighbourhood

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People, who are seriously interested in Feng Shui, stopped associate it with frogs, flutes and other symbolic items a long time ago. Englishmen say: ”There are 3 important things in real estate: location, location and once again location”. If it is bad, then even invested funds in walls won’t make of it a place of peace, work and inspiration. Why is location so important?

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, it is obvious that environment does matter. Imagine that you are walking around the neighbourhood with dilapidated houses. I bet in this environment you won’t feel the same as on the balcony on the 30th floor of skyscraper with a beautiful view of the city or the ocean. This is the influence of the place. In one environment, you have brilliant ideas, in another – insignificant thoughts.

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The reasons for inaction, or why you don´t get results

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Why does a person tend to postpone the implementation of their plans “for later”?

My answer is to keep them from falling into the abyss.

A lot of people have this scenario in their mind: you are standing on stable and comfortable territory. And the unknown is far behind the horizon. To reach it, you have to make 267 steps. But firstly, you need to be ready for it. Study all carefully. Complete course 1, course 2, course 3… course 267.

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