Flying Bird Falls into Cave

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There are 3 strong formations in Qi Men:

1. Flying Bird Falls into Cave 🐣

2. Green Dragon Returns 🐲

3. The Jade Maiden 💃

The first formation creates possibilities without effort…
It literally falls into hands and becomes a bird…like they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
but this formation is for fast people…

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Zhi Fu – the Main Spirit of Qi Men Dun Jia

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Qi Men Dun Jia can be loosely translated as «Mystical Gates, hiding Jia» – the doors which you pass through to meet luck or hide from failure.

Qi Men is a kind of energy matrix describing the energy of space at a current moment. We can calculate the year, month, day or hour chart. Each chart has its purpose: for example, we can apply the hour chart only during a certain Chinese two-hour period.

But today I won’t load you down with complicated technical terms and calculations.

We will talk about one very powerful factor in the Qi Men chart – about Zhi Fu (or the Main Spirit).

Zhi Fu – is one of the 10 “deities” or archetypes of Qi Men, which is considered the main and the most powerful one. Don’t be misled by the word “deity.” 🙂 It is just a translation and has nothing to do with religion.

How can one use Zhi Fu?

The Main Spirit protects, provides patronage, brings wealth, as well as the help of influential people.
It influences any area of life: health, business, relationship, traveling , competitions, legal proceedings, sales, career.

But perhaps the coolest ability is that Zhi Fu grants wishes (all kinds of wishes).

So be careful with your wishes!
Make them in the proper form!

For example, the form “May I have no problems” is WRONG!
The Universe doesn’t understand particles such as “no”. Guess, what will happen in the end?

Therefore, make wishes in the correct affirmative form. It may even be one word.
Express the emotion or state.


  • Zhi Fu brings happiness and luck.
  • Zhi Fu is favorable for all activities, especially if one needs to reach the goal quickly and smoothly.
  • Zhi Fu is good to follow in the matters of wealth, and also if one needs to appeal to higher-ranking people or patrons.
  • If you don`t know which deity to address, feel free to address the Main Spirit.


  • Find Zhi Fu in the chart (don’t panic! We have calculated everything for you!)
  • Define the cardinal direction, the palace where Zhi Fu is located at this period of time, and position yourself with your back towards this direction.
  • Enter an alpha state and clearly articulate your wish.
    One needs to remember: the more often one communicates with the Spirit, the faster the wishes will be granted..
  • Or one can do some action: a business call, conduct negotiations, send a resume for an interview, post a for-sale ad or something else. Activation through action always works better!

Test right NOW how this powerful technique works.

To Do This:

  1. Download the PDF file, which we took from the monthly club activations “Explosive Improvement of Luck.”
  2. In the chart, find the Zhi Fu direction corresponding to the current two-hour period. For example, on March 1 at 11:00-13:00, Zhi Fu was located in the west.
  3. This means that during this two-hour period, one should sit with one’s back towards the west, concentrate, formulate a wish, and continue working or engaging in any other activity.