Opportunity Cost

Especially useful for mathematical minds 🙂

People often choose a date
it may be in a month or in two
or in a year…
and people wait for this date to start this or that project
to buy a house or a car
to put a bed or a table in another place
switch on a fountain
start a new business.

Sometimes this approach is justified.
But more often in 90% of cases it is not!

Because every day PROCARASTINATION costs you
money or opportunities.
Your profitable project could bring you money during these days
An unprofitable one could bring you loss
and it is GREAT!

The sooner you see that your project is going to a dead-end
no matter what this project is – a business, relationships, studying of any kind – the sooner you’ll close it.
“Make mistakes quickly!”
Otherwise you’ll lose time.
This way, putting off the action for the sake of a good date
has its price.

If you move to a new house
or if you’re getting married
it makes sense to wait
but not always, your fiancée can change her mind-:)
In case of other dates –
perfectionism in choosing dates has a harmful effect.

Look at the graph.


Green is practical benefit.
Blue is athebenefit from choosing a date.
As for Date 2, its benefit is higher,
but it is reduced to zero by a negative
benefit of the practical graph
and gets to point 2.

But as for date 1, the benefit is not so big,
but the date is much earlier!
And the practical benefit is immense
so we get to point 1 of the cumulative benefit.
Point 0 is much better but the cumulative benefit is 0!

It’s the evident winner in our example -:)
You may postpone everything until tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow..

But it’s erm.. silly.
Let’s get not only older, but wiser.

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