Watch the numbers which can bring you luck!

By 05.03.2015 фэншуй

Nr. 10

In the morning I got up early, at around 6 am. Took a quick shower and half asleep went to the airport …

The bill for the taxi was 90 Malaysian Ringo …
I had only 30, so I had to pay the rest in $ of 5, 5 and 10 bills

But somehow when I pulled money of the pocket, 10$ had disappeared somewhere – probably fell in the car somewhere or I just imagined I had it)
Does not matter. Thus began my day. The number “10” is manifested itself …

That evening at the casino “Marina Bay” in Singapore, I conducted an experiment.

Chose the time and the direction, bought one chip and placed on the roulette numbers 7-10 split. The winning number was 10 –
From the first spin of the wheel.
With one chip.

[Remember that 10 of the morning in taxi?-;) It is because of it and I put it on the 10. In fact, besides the selected hours and directions of Qimen, we must also choose a table for the game and the number you bet on].
Immediately, literally from the ground a surprised manager appeared, trying to understand what is happening here.

As a result, my bet has been returned by a factor of 1:18.
Not bad)

So watch the numbers which manifest during your day, it always can bring you luck!!!

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Best of luck with your numbers!


  • Rhonda says:

    I always find 11cents one dime and one penny. It will appear out of no where. I am trying to understand this. Do you have any answers for me. Greatly appreciated

    • zakharov says:

      Who knows, it’s relevant information inside your reality only, and it can have different meanings for different people. It might be that you have something very important on the north, or something is not ok with plumbing system in your house and it needs your attention. It could also be that something very important in your life you are working on or thinking about looks very different from outside then it’s really is. And very likely the meaning is related to your career. I would also say you have good chance to climb on your career ladder in 1 month or 3 months time

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