Mystical doors and relationships

Qi Men charts is one of the
most precise methods to read the luck in private life.
While analysing relationships we
look at the following:
– the Door of Birth
– 6 Harmonies Deity
– The place of Ji wood and Geng metal
– The place of the Palace of Life
Ji wood stands for the wife, Geng Metal – for the husband.
If the Open Door is in one of these palaces,
the relationships are under threat…
They are open for the third party to appear…

Nevertheless, looking at the Destiny Chart in Qi Men is really more effective than in Ba Zi! I like it very much. You can’t see this in Ba Zi!
Oksana Sakhranova, Moscow,
Feng Shui Consultant and Master Leyau’s representative in Russia
When the Door of Death is in Geng or Ji Palaces
the probability of separation is bigger..
Qi Men Chart shows
if it’s worth going to hurry to tie the knot
or it’s better to keep free relationships…
If you make them legal, the focus will be replaced
into another Palace in the Chart and
everything will be ruined…

The same way, Qi Men Chart allows to have a look at non-traditional couples
and see the trend for such relationships…
Will you have a good or a bad marriage?
When the Door of Rest and 6 Harmonies Deity
produce the House of Birth, it means
your marriage will be good.

But there are sometimes exceptions..
One of them is when in 6 Harmonies Palace
there is the worst evil of Qi Men Dun Jia –
Geng Metal.

There’s another exception, which anyway can be cured by proper actions which are suggested by Qi Men Chart.
When will you get married?
When will you remarry?
To know this, we look at 15-year periods in Qi Men Chart and one-year period of luck.

When The Husband’s Palace (Geng) in the woman’s chart controls the Palace of Life it means that the woman is afraid of her husband.
Which is not bad if you are not a feminist 🙂

It’s much worse when the Wife’s palace controls the Husband’s palace…. Such relationships are unlikely to last long…
Only if you don’t resort for help to a mediatory Palace which is able to correct everything with a wave of a wand…