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You know, I’ve always had a dream… Unfortunately, it won’t be published…
But if it were, the book would have the title “Feng Shui is not … (a four-letter word)”. But I have found a compromise “Feng Shui without trash”…

And recently my book has come out, it is reasonably priced and easy to understand for everybody…

What is Feng Shui and how can it help to change your life?

The word “feng shui” became a common word long ago, but its meaning is interpreted very superficially. In this book we will tell about some formulas and techniques of classical Feng Shui. It is much deeper than decorating your house with toads with coins in particular sectors of the house.

In this book you’ll find tips how to:

You can increase your luck right now… You age or income don’t matter. This book is a very important element necessary to start your journey to a successful life.

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Here’s what we’re going to talk about in the book:

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Some quotations from the book:

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Reduce the amount of time you spend with people who pull you and themselves down to hell. Even if it’s your closest friend. Even if it’s your oldest friend. If your friend is full of shit, it will be a part of you. There’s no alternative.

Enter your circle of people with a clear mind, a good heart and high energy. Change yourself by changing the circle of people you’re made of.

Have you noticed that you’re becoming more stupid if you’re close to some people? Or you become less lucky after spending some time with them?

It can be explained… Do you want to get rid of negative influence once and for all?

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About myself

Vladimir Zakharov is a Feng Shui guru with 17 years of experience.

Doctor of Chinese metaphysics, Dean of Metaphysics Department of the European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Education (Research & Education Institution), Germany.

A licensed instructor of the Chinese Metaphysics Academy (founder Joey Yap, Malaysia), the author of the courses in Ba Zi, Feng Shui, I Ching. Vladimir Zakharov was taught by recognized Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, Malaysia and has prestigious diplomas Fengshui Mastery Diploma and Bazi Mastery Diploma (distinction).

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