Ask the moon to make your wish come true

Once I was at the orbital station…
Only it didn’t revolve around
the Earth, but around the moon…
I was floating in weightlessness
and through the window, I saw a huge
Saturn and its rings…

Of course, it was a dream.
Though the meaning was unclear to me…
(I should have written down the time and analyzed the Qi Men chart once I woke up).
The recollection of this dream
reminded me of one ritual.
Which is usually done on the waxing moon …

For example, you can start on
January 14th 2021
at 00.30* (just after the midnight on the night 13-14 January),
by just turning your back to the west.

*use time indicated on the watch in the area
where you are located at the moment of making a wish.

After that, you have to write your wish on a piece of paper
every evening,
after it gets dark and the moon is visible…

For 14 consecutive nights.
At the same time, if possible,
it is better to look at the moon
from time to time.

The wish should always be the same.
Don’t let your mind jump from one desire to another
like a mad monkey in a burning cage.
Define what you really WANT.
If you write “Please don’t let me meet a white monkey”
– you will definitely meet that monkey.
Wish should be formulated
in such a way as to leave plenty of options
on how it can be achieved.

Wish must come
from the bottom of my heart,
and not to be purely formal.
At the same time, your mind must be
calm as the surface of a pond.
An even image of the full moon
can be only seen in calm and clean water.

On the 14th day of the ritual, i.e. January 27,
write down your wish on the 14th sheet,
after that take all the notes, and burn them.
This is traditionally done in a Chinese temple,
but you can do it at home.

You can use a technique from the magical Qi Men:
add the ashes into a glass of water,
wait until they settle,
drink a couple of sips
(don’t drink the ashes), pour out the rest of it.
If you prefer a more scientific approach,
by conducting this ritual, you activate
powerful processes of your unconscious mind.

After all, the moon is the symbol of unconsciousness.
The moon projects pictures of your
wishes on a large spherical
screen of the universe.

How you can enhance the effect of the ritual:
1. To enhance the ritual, you should activate the “Moon” sector
in space on a good date (East-2, 830-970, at the outer wall of the perimeter;
find it with a help of a compass from the center of the house).
For example, on the same day,
01/14/2020 from 21:30 to 22:30.

DO NOT move furniture on that place, set fountains,
light candles or drill holes in the wall.
There is a 5 Star in that sector!

Just wipe the surface quietly in this sector,
as if you are dusting off the past
to see clearly what you want to achieve in the future.
This sector helps to
build relationships,
calm down emotions and worries.

2. Use the deities “Moon” or “Ji Fu”
Qi Men Dun Jia Annual
Qi Men charts, especially if
one of them is in your Destiny Palace.
For more on this topic and many more,
read the book “In Access: How to Turn No into Yes”

Wish you good luck!
“Beware of your own wishes, as they do come true”!

Have a great Feng Shui!
Vladimir Zakharov

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