Money, cards and Feng Shui

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“I shouldn’t believe in Feng Shui, I use it because it brings me money”, these words belong to Donald Trump, whose fortune is more than 4.5 billion dollars.In one of his interviews he said, “I’m not so stupid to ignore this 5000-year-old art”. By the way, the millionaire Jack Canfield, one of the creators of the film “Secret”, said that he is consulted by his Feng Shui master every year.

Skeptics have something to think about…

Tip 1. Water moving freely
This phenomenon symbolizes movement forward and prevents stagnation in business. Water Mouth is the place where one body of water flows into another. Choose a house which is close to at least one Water Mouth. It is highly auspicious. The bodies of water may be either natural or artificial: a stream, a lake, a pond, an ocean. It is important that the Mouths of Water be unidirectional. A vivid example is Bill Gates’s house in Medina on the shore of Washington Lake. There are at least 2 Mouths of Water in this area, you can see the closest one to the mansion on the map. In this case they are located in the north and north-west.

In the interior the Water Mouth can be represented by an artificial stream in the yard which flows into Washington Lake.

Tip 2. The presence of a Qi Lock which closes up positive energy in your neighbourhood.
It is one of the essential conditions to accumulate wealth, when Qi energy not only comes freely into the area, but also stays in it. While choosing a place, make sure that there’s a lock which closes positive energy in your area. A flyover or a bridge over a river can be  Qi Locks, as well as a hill, a mountain or a tall building. This area is full of Qi collectors.

Tip 3. “Virtualrivers”
In Feng Shui a road is a virtual river. The road shouldn’t have an end in front of your house, this may lead to insurmountable difficulties. Avoid busy crossroads, especially T-conjunctions. These places are considered to be inauspicious.

Tip 4. More greenery!
The more greenery the better. It may be a lawn or a wood with  centuries-old trees. It’s good if the front door overlooks a park or at least a small flowerbed. But it’s not a good idea to decorate the façade with climbing plants, as in the Nicolas Cage’s mansion in Bel Air. In this case qi flows away from the house and the owners of the house will soon have financial difficulties.

It is better to build or choose  a house of a rectangular shape. However, it is not a cure-all. Look at the Bill Gates’s mansion plan, the house has an irregular shape, it’s not symmetrical at all. By the way, the garage with four gates doesn’t meet the Feng Shui requirements. In China, number 4 is associated with death, and the opening gates of the garage form a dangerous structure – Tiger Opening its Mouth.


  • Qi and Sha energies are inseparable, even in an ideal Feng Shui house you’ll find a lot of drawbacks.
  • Inauspicious Sha can be neutralized (Bill Gates did this by “drowning” the gates into the wall of the garage, that’s why negative energy doesn’t attack them, it goes tangentially).
  • The auspicious energy of the territory where the house is located is much stronger than the energy of the buildings.
  • If there are dangerous places in your area, their influence can be reduced or destroyed with the help of Chinese Metaphysics.

And as a result?
Of course, you won’t become Bill Gates after applying these 5 tips. But if it increases your welfare by 30%, or will help to improve the relationships or health… isn’t it enough? Study the examples of people who have already got the results from applying Feng Shui techniques and use this experience in your life!

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