5 examples of differences in millionaire’s thinking

Why aren’t you setting up your own business?
Do you think to start a business you need money or ideas you don’t have?
But the matter is not “money makes money,” and I’m going to prove this.


According to statistics, the man who wins a lottery or comes into an inheritance spends the money in one or two years; he buys a house, a car, travels, and mainly enjoys himself… and then he returns to everyday life…

But a millionaire can create a successful enterprise from scratch by carefully planning the resources. And he can skillfully increase the capital by developing and scaling the business.

Millionaires are different because they think differently, not because they are lucky or have starting capital and ideas.
I’ll give a practical example… 🙂

Let’s see how a millionaire and an ordinary man see one and the same situation.

1. It’s time to go to work.

An ordinary man: “It’s Monday again? Oh, hell.”
A millionaire: “Today I need to solve the problem of a new product price, explain the tasks for marketing specialists, see a new commercial…”

A lot of people think that money falls on millionaires from heaven, but in fact many of them are workaholics who work hard to implement their ideas. They “burn” ideas. According to the survey made by the Spectrum agency, 94% of millionaires consider their hard work to be the main cause of their success.

2. Argument with a spouse.

An ordinary man: “I’m fed up! I’m sick and tired of this hysterical woman (lazybones… offer your variant here).”
A millionaire: “Tomorrow is another day, and I have lived with this person for 15 years”.

Thomas Stanley, the author of “Millionaire’s mind” says that an average millionaire is 54-years old and has been married to one woman for 28 years. 25% of millionaires have been married for 38 years. Money chooses constancy.

3. Buying an Indian perch in a 50-litre aquarium at half-price :).

An ordinary man: “It’s cool! I’ve never seen such a weird thing before… I have to buy it.”
A millionaire: “Why should I have it?”

It’s a joke. But think how much money do you spend on things you don’t need. Millionaires as a rule are not spenders. They are not spendthrifts; they are ready to pay for what they need and want. A lot of them think that “you can’t enjoy your life if you suffer from consumerism and take loans.” Half of Americans would live in poverty because of this obsession were it not for social security checks. And Slavs are not much different 🙂

4. A mistake.

An ordinary man: “Failure! Absolute failure! I will never do this again… never!”
A millionaire: “Defeat? I have never have been defeated. I have simply found 10,000 ways that don’t work”. (Thomas Edison)

A millionaire understands that every mistake is the next step to achieving a purpose. It’s an unpleasant but valuable experience which narrows the number of variants to achieve success. As a rule, at the stage of crying over a failed project they start to look for a new one.

5. Buying an expensive training course.

An ordinary man: “Oh, they’re ripping me off. Who buys these courses?”
A millionaire: “How can this course help me? What will I get when I learn the material? If it’s a good investment, I’m ready to pay for it right now. And I will earn more.”

It’s the value that is important, not the price. The majority of millionaires were not intellectually gifted children; learning sciences was not easy for them. Moreover, many of them faced the public opinion “below average” and “mediocre.” They had to fight to achieve their goals, had to prove they were exceptional, think of risky ideas and think differently. It’s why they realize the value of quality information.
These people didn’t become rich in a day or two.

They were learning to be millionaires and think the way millionaires do.
You can change your usual thinking; understand what forces give opportunities to possess a lot.

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