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12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024

The first-ever Metaphysical E-Calendar helps you to focus on the major goals and recharge them with energy. Find out the most powerful personal days for the most dashing endeavors!


”When I started practicing Metaphysics, about 25 years ago, I decided to make notes on my observations... I was making notes in a rather small notebook. The notes were dedicated to my observation of how energies work.

It was a different world back then. I could not find any calculators, books, or educational materials in my native language... The only thing I had was a calendar for 1000 years!))

The information that I have been gathering is based on my experience and observations. I was writing a date and describing energies specific to this day and later, my observations of the events that took place on this day. All the calculations and charts were made manually. This procedure allowed me to build cause-and-effect relationships and accumulate needed experience.

This exact experience serves as a foundation for the Metaphysical Calendar, 12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024. The calendar has been in use for many years already. Convenience and practical use are the most common words used to describe our calendar.

Even though the calendar is as good as it is now, we decided to make it even better by introducing an online version and adding new features, including powerful dates, and dates that should be taken with caution. All the dates are personal, meaning dates are not the same for everyone.

If only I could have the same calendar 25 years ago, I would reach everything I have now in no time!” 😉😎

If in doubt refer to the video guide on the Metaphysical Calendar

Time and space determine the level of your success.
Now you can adjust it to suit you best!

12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024 is an online calendar that assists you with the initiation of various activities in your business, career, and personal life.

At the core lies the ancient so-called 1000-year Calendar, which contains information on energies of the years, months, days, and even hours. Many people are familiar with the content of this calendar, as many of you probably have heard about Zodiac animal signs. When someone says, “I am the Dragon,” or “I was born in the Year of Snake,” this person refers to the exact book. If you use our Metaphysical Calendar, information on animal signs may finally bring value into your life. 😉😎

You will discover which actions can be accomplished easily, and which are not. You will not have to ponder over the dilemma – whether it is the right time to act.

12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024 provides insights on how to keep track of five the most valuable qualities of life, which are tightly connected to your success and effectiveness.

The calendar contains a handy section for making notes, personal insights, goals, and results.

The calendar also allows you to find the most favorable direction to enhance the result of any activity (just say what you want).

Each person gets information on personal Golden Days (look for the “3X” sign in the Calendar, since Golden Days are the days when your capacity and luck increase at least three times more compared to other days). These dates help you elevate the level of your success.

One can allocate the most appropriate as well as effective time for brainstorming, and finding valuable insights.

For the advanced practitioners, we added Qi Men monthly charts, Flying Stars charts, and a scheme of harmful afflictions (places, where energies should not be disturbed by the noise or other activities).

The calendar contains useful instructions, which make the process of using the calendar as smooth as possible.

The calendar is designed to help; however, it will not bring the desired results if you are not willing to put into personal efforts – use favorable dates; dedicate time for self-improvement; set goals, and move toward them.

The calendar can be used to improve the general quality of life or to reach specific goals, for instance, financial goals.

The main advantage of the Metaphysical Calendar is the ability to make use of the energies of time and space to achieve goals. The calendar has been in use for several years already.

Now we decided to launch an online version of the calendar to make it available to even more people!

We also decided to add some new features. For instance, you can easily find information on the strongest directions – where the most auspicious energies reside. If you want to be backed by the energy – turn your back in the strongest direction. That is how it works.

The least auspicious dates (negative ones) are also included in the calendar. All the dates are personal and are calculated based on the date of birth.

The calendar allows you to set priorities for various goals throughout the whole year, the quarter, the month, the day, or the hour.

Save the Most Auspicious Days for the Most Important Events

We included detailed instructions on how to find personal auspicious months, days, and even hours. We also indicated days that are not good for any major activity, as energy will not be supportive of you. Below you can find examples of the activities and qualities that can be improved with the help of our calendar.

Success and charisma

During auspicious hours, you are more likely to receive needed help from mentors, partners, teams, and others. When your charisma comes into play, you can attract more attention to yourself and your ideas. You may find it helpful both for business development and career advancement as well as for personal relationships.


The time when your intellectual powers are on the rise, so it would not be difficult for you to attract the right audience and be the person other people want to talk to. It is as if you have no chance to say something stupid since your intellectual level is higher than usual :)

Financial opportunities

The most suitable periods for business development and investments. Allocate the best time for financial opportunities and deals, best purchases, and making contacts for future financial gains.


Find the best periods to strengthen your resources – everything that supports and provides you with energy. You will find the best time for education, health care, skill development, and various energy practices.


Any business relationships or friendly ties can be strengthened on specific days. Gain insights on the most suitable periods for networking, expansion of the circle of communication, and any social activity.


We know when it is the right time to develop creative skills and express ourselves in many ways. And we will surely let you know when you have the potential to be creative and promote yourself. Your creative work, various endeavors, projects, ideas, presentations, and product or service promotions have an even better chance of success at the right time and place.


Find the perfect time for insights and brilliant ideas! During such hours you have the potential for innovations, implementation of new systems, brainstorming, and finding game-changing solutions.


You can improve your work efficiency and be more productive by simply working during specific periods. There is time designated for income increase, career growth, finding employment, or source of additional income.

Stay informed and, thus, armed

Bad days will not overcloud your success if you know when to expect them. Unwanted competition, losses, problems, crises, obstacles, misunderstandings, unfavorable circumstances, and external pressure can be avoided. Just do not plan anything significant on “bad” days especially if you do not have a backup plan in mind or possess the needed skills to handle the stress. It is also recommended not to invest large amounts of money during such periods.


It is time to increase your influence! Search for the right time to expand control and influence. Periods may also be used for discipline improvement, law enforcement, and introductions of rules.

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Auspicious and the least auspicious days
Personal and common

Each day has its potential, whether auspicious or not. You can distinguish an auspicious day from the conflict one by its color. Conflicts can be personal and common and are indicated separately in the calendar. Do not plan anything significant on such days, including new business projects, important affairs, trips, doctor’s appointments, concluding agreements, large purchases, big investments, relocations, or opening of a store, or office.

Some days contain a certain type of complexity. The type of complexity can be identified by the small sign found on a specific day of the calendar. On such days, a person may encounter negative energies of the year or month, which are associated with various aspects of life, such as finance, relationships, and so on.

12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024 is a personalized copy, that contains “Golden Days” or “3X,” calculated and added into a personal copy of the calendar for each of its owners. Use Golden Days to initiate any project and conduct an important meeting and financial deals. You may also use this day for brainstorming and making plans.

Each day contains the placement of the Chief Deity (the Main Spirit) – the most powerful deity among the Qi Men Deities. It provides support when a person wants to make a wish for a good outcome of the plan or ask for protection. To get its support, turn your back in the indicated direction and make an important call, conduct negotiations, continue to work on your project, or simply make a wish. The classic says: “If everything seems bad, and you do not know what to do, or where to run, then follow the Main Spirit.” If you have to choose the direction without having a Qi Men chart by your side, choose the direction of the Chief Deity. By doing so, you may expect a relatively good outcome regardless of the odds of a bad outcome. The Main Spirit is always on your side!

Never lose sight of things that truly matter

With the help of our calendar, you will be able to allocate at least two hours for brainstorming, not just once a week, – but two times a week. Nothing is so effective in taking you closer to your goal as a piece of paper 😎 Brilliant insights come at the right time! As they say: “If you have been brainstorming for two hours, but have not found a solution, then you have been doing it wrong” 😉

Along the way, you will learn how to keep your energy balanced. All you need is to consider the five qualities of the given day and find the weakest quality to improve in order to increase your efficiency and quality of life.

Do not forget to write down your biggest achievements of the day (three of them), and the key insights. This simple exercise brings good results!

For those who practice Qi Men

If you are familiar with the art of the Mystical Doors (Qi Men Dun Jia), you may be interested in getting charts of the months for planning goals, taking into account possible opportunities. Discover current trends and winning strategies using energies of the month that reside in the Destiny Palace!

Use a calendar to outline dates for small repair jobs or where to start the major repairs.

If you are familiar with the Flying Stars method, you can easily determine which sectors of the house should be designated for work, and relaxation, and what activities deserve special attention.

Detailed instructions allow you to make efficient use of a wide range of the Metaphysical Calendar’s functionality

The calendar contains all the necessary step-by-step instructions on how to find personal auspicious and the least auspicious days for specific goals.

We also included practical advice on how to make use of conflict days, as well as days of a certain complexity.

In the instructions, we described how to choose auspicious hours in the day and avoid “bad” hours. In turn, auspicious hours help you to achieve a better result.

Charts and tips can be found on the last pages of the calendar.

How can I get 12 Outstanding Months of the Year 2024?

An online copy of the calendar (pdf format) will be sent to you within 5-7 days after receiving data (date and time of birth) for calculating personal “Golden Days.”

When making an order, you will be asked to enter your date and time of birth. This data is used for calculating “Golden Days” and Personal Conflict Days.

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  • Metaphysical E-Calendar
  • Focus on goals for the year, quarter, month, week, day and even hour
  • Technique to balance five qualities of the day
  • Directions of the Chief Deity (the Main Spirit) for each day
  • Auspicious and the least auspicious days
  • Time dedicated to brainstorming, insights, and achievements
  • Personal “Golden Days” for the whole year
  • Personal Conflict Days that have to be taken with caution
  • Qi Men charts of the year and month as well as Flying Stars charts of the year and month; scheme of the harmful afflictions
  • Instructions and tips on how to use the calendar

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About the author

J. Finastro (alias Volodymyr Zakharov) — is one of the leading experts in the field of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics, with an impressive 25 years of experience in practicing Metaphysical Arts and conducting strategic business consultations.

His craftsmanship, perfected under the guidance of renowned experts from Singapore and Malaysia, goes beyond academic knowledge and delves into the depth of practical use of ancient wisdom.

J. Finastro is growing an international online EdTech company and has tens of thousands of students from 85 countries. As a revered authority in his field, he combines the complex structure of metaphysical practices with modern business strategies in his teachings and counseling. As a revered authority in his field, he developed a system that combines metaphysical practices with modern business strategies. The same system lies at the core of his teachings and consultations.

As a creator of the SHEM.Astro method (Union of Yin and Yang), he radically changed the approach to using Ancient Metaphysics techniques by combining them with mental practices. The method he developed is used for achieving goals, the results of which are truly astonishing. These results also demonstrate the power of balancing the esoteric with the empirical.

The Author is an expert and transformative person, who predetermines the role of the art of Metaphysics in navigating the complexities of life and business, using ancient wisdom and modern technologies.

His main goal is to provide people with centuries-proven techniques and mental models to realize a better future and make the right decisions, especially in the context of information scarcity.