Do you want to get Metaphysical Destiny Keys that bring LUCK?

Vladimir Zakharov

This project is designed for those who want to increase the level of luck by doing simple daily actions.

You won’t see here recommendations that require complex solutions such as “changing job” or “moving to another place”.

Now we are going to talk about WHAT EACH OF US CAN DO to be LUCKY, HAPPY, and FULL OF ENERGY.

The thing I discovered…

People do not always know how to apply Metaphysical knowledge to daily life… especially newbies. Even after taking a course or reading the book, not everyone can understand how to apply this information to simple life situations…

You’d have to be a great translator from metaphysical language to human language;)))

I’ve been consulting from the time I was 19 years old…
first on Western Astrology and later Chinese metaphysics.
That is why I have a wide experience communicating with people, for whom all these talks about energy, magnetic directions, BaZi and QiMen charts, or even worse – hieroglyphics or birth chart deities, are gibberish.

The a,b,c-point action item list works much better.

You take the list and INCORPORATE it into helpful HABITS:

  • hobbies,
  • appearance,
  • behavior,
  • surroundings,
  • eating habits,
  • vacation,
  • place of living,
  • people to communicate with,
  • taking care of yourself,
  • emotions to work on,
  • events and places to visit,
  • traits of character to develop,
  • way of acting or even books to read…

People are not the same… which is good for some is not always good for others. And that is not absolute that the person would experience a boost of luck and feel more energized.

That is why…

It is important to choose personal Metaphysical Keys to LUCK

Personalized calculations are the most ACCURATE!

Your date of birth contains lots of TIPS to make life complete, to know your destination, with what your energy is synchronized with, WHICH WAY TO GO TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

You can get Metaphysical Destiny Keys RIGHT NOW!

We OPENED Personal Calculation SERVICE Metaphysical Destiny Keys for a short time

It is very simple! Here is an instruction:

  1. Click on the “order” button.
  2. After that, you will receive a request form in which you must enter the date and time of the birth of the person for whom you make the calculation. The calculation is made based on the time indicated in the form. There will not be recalculations.
  3. And within 7 working days you will receive by email a ready-made pdf-report with calculations and recommendations in one to three days.
  4. Apply them and get incredible results!

Personal Calculation Metaphysical Destiny Keys Price – $128

After ordering metaphysical destiny keys, you can order keys for another person with a 30% discount according to the family plan. You will get additional information in the email along with pdf-report with calculations and recommendations.

New Offer is Available for you – Gift-Wrapped Metaphysical Destiny Keys!

The gift package contains:

  • personal congratulations with good luck wishes;
  • you can choose a design for the New Year, Birthday, or simple «Good luck» wishes;
  • personal Destiny Keys;
  • your signature.

Bring LUCK to your loved ones!;)

If you want to receive the Metaphysical Destiny Keys, but you have additional questions, for example, you want to receive a calculation for the whole family… or you do not know the time of your birth…
Send a request and we will contact you

Feedbacks on the Metaphysical Destiny Keys

When I received the metaphysical keys I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with its simple application. This is not consultation; this is a list of specific actions aimed to improve life. Some of them are already part of my life, but there is also something worth trying and to work on)
It is great for those who want to develop good habits! Having this list, you know exactly what suits you best. It gives a clear understanding of what can be done and what should be implemented in life to start feeling differently and by doing so strengthen yourself. This relates not only to physical health but also to other areas of life – finance, hobbies, communication with people, morale. When you feel yourself on the upswing, you can do almost everything.
Many thanks for the keys! I have already put up the list in a prominent place to gradually implement them into my life.Halina
I think that a lot of people want to get simple and straightforward tips and tricks to help them be more successful! So, the Metaphysical Destiny Keys are exactly what you need! Briefly, in essence, without complicated terms and incomprehensible definitions, even a person that is far from Chinese metaphysic can understand it and that is the main value – just take it and do it!))
The first lines that I read from the recommendations surprised me a lot – that’s 100% my story! I carefully read all the recommendations and realized that I intuitively have been doing some of them before, but it was not on regular basis)) I will definitely adopt all of them! Thank you!Hanna

I was tempted by the offer on Keys to Luck, what kind of keys are they? What other secret doors can be opened? I decided that I can always use some knowledge about myself. In fact, it turned out to be a very cool thing. Some of the keys I use intuitively in my life and they are fruitful. It actually made me very happy, because intuition did not fail me! I’m moving in the right direction. There was something that made me smile, for example, my taste preferences, which are only good for me. Although I often heard something opposed to my opinion, I continued to feel and act in my own way. Again, I gave myself an A-plus. But I also discovered new keys, now I will have something to do especially because we are on the threshold of celebrating a new year. So let’s refresh the page of our life and start from scratch! Everything comes in its own time, and that’s great! Hats off to you, Vladimir! You are in your favorite role, you managed to make me happy and left room for a surprise at the same time! Thank you for the inspiration and new achievements!


Even CM experts will be pleased.
Like everyone else, I received an email about the “magical keys” yesterday, and that caught my interest.
I have been learning metaphysics for about 10 years. I studied my birth chart up and down; I experimented a lot and received various results.
I have a piece of decent baggage of knowledge, but something bribed me, and I decided to use the offer and ordered it.
I received it, read it. I was delighted with my “magical keys”; the description was short but simple. I have already known a lot of what I was reading. I intuitively have been doing it before. I neglected a few of them; I knew that there was nothing good about them. I was making excuse for myself, finding external reasons for not doing it. When I received the “magical keys” I received confirmation of my observations why I do things in a certain way and not otherwise.
But the most valuable thing is that I received advice on what to do, how to act, even what kind of appearance I should have.
Thanks to Vladimir and his team for the opportunity to see myself from the outside, I am simply delighted!!!
I plan to print the keys and put them in a prominent place and use them until it will become a habit.
I advised ordering “Magical Keys” to my friends who do not know anything about CM, because there is no need to explain it, just do what is written!
I’m sure that they will benefit from it as well.

About The Author

J. Finastro (alias Volodymyr Zakharov) — is one of the leading experts in the field of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics, with an impressive 25 years of experience in practicing Metaphysical Arts and conducting strategic business consultations.

His craftsmanship, perfected under the guidance of renowned experts from Singapore and Malaysia, goes beyond academic knowledge and delves into the depth of practical use of ancient wisdom.

J. Finastro is growing an international online EdTech company and has tens of thousands of students from 85 countries. As a revered authority in his field, he combines the complex structure of metaphysical practices with modern business strategies in his teachings and counseling. As a revered authority in his field, he developed a system that combines metaphysical practices with modern business strategies. The same system lies at the core of his teachings and consultations.

As a creator of the SHEM.Astro method (Union of Yin and Yang), he radically changed the approach to using Ancient Metaphysics techniques by combining them with mental practices. The method he developed is used for achieving goals, the results of which are truly astonishing. These results also demonstrate the power of balancing the esoteric with the empirical.

The Author is an expert and transformative person, who predetermines the role of the art of Metaphysics in navigating the complexities of life and business, using ancient wisdom and modern technologies.

His main goal is to provide people with centuries-proven techniques and mental models to realize a better future and make the right decisions, especially in the context of information scarcity.


If for any reason you decide that the course is not what you need, and you feel sorry for the money you spent, within 14 days after receiving the course, we guarantee 100% money back – without any questions or delays. We make a return only once. After making a refund for a course, product, or consultation, we no longer provide further courses or consultations to this client. If we couldn’t get on well in the first place, we probably won’t do it in the future.

DISCLAIMER: The information stated above is based on my experience. Please understand that I’m not implying you’ll have the same result (or anything for that matter). I have an advantage in terms of my expertise. I have been practicing Chinese Metaphysical Arts for 20 years and I have established it as my result. Anyone who buys “how-to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references as an example. Your results will vary and they will depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All businesses and personal affairs entail risk as well as huge and consistent efforts and actions. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT BUY IT.