Logic VS Intuition

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Should you rely on your intuition when choosing a house with great energy?
Well, I would not advise solely relying on intuition – logic is no less important.

That is why I suggest combining Mind and Feng Shui.

Once I was told by my client that places of large crowds
make him feel bad and uncomfortable.
So, I asked him whether the word “comfort”
should serve as the basis upon which he bases his judgments.

Our senses are sometimes improperly calibrated.
We are just like vampires.
What vampires are afraid of? Sun!
When the sun comes up – we hide.

According to The Tibetan Book of the Dead,
when people leave this world, they see the light and must follow it.

But most of the people are afraid of light.
When they see a bright flash of light – they hide.
The book contains detailed descriptions of people hiding behind rocks,
or hiding in the shadows.

The general idea behind all this is that most of us are afraid of light in the afterlife.

The fact that something makes you feel uncomfortable does not make it bad.
Although, it does not make that “something” good either.
After all, people perceive things differently.

Some shopping malls attract Qi and hence large crowds of people.
This is GOOD.
Take a deep breath and let the energy come through you as well.

Some may contradict this by saying that Qi is “dirty” in such places.
To get the “right” Qi one should visit sacred places.
Well, Qi is not something that you can buy.

What does “dirty” Qi mean anyway?
The same coffee mugs are used in the cafe.
Should we clean them from someone else’s energy?

The same beds are used in the hotel rooms.
(they do not buy new ones once you check out of the hotel) 😊
Do you purify them from someone else’s energy every time you check in?

In this sense, ancient Chinese Metaphysics, in particular,
Feng Shui is the language that allows us to dissociate from emotions that make us say,
“This place makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Remember, something that makes you feel uncomfortable may save your life.
Dentists make us feel uncomfortable,
but we must visit them time after time to promptly treat our teeth.

From my perspective,
Feng Shui is the language that helps us to dissociate from feelings,
or emotions and rely on the mind as well.

Another topic of this discussion relates to methods of choosing a living place.
Most people make the same choice.

Consider the elements that most of us pay attention to when buying a house:

A quiet neighborhood.
No traffic noises.
Low price.

These are the common attributes that most of the people pay attention to.

But what if you change your attitude and look at the process of choosing a house from a different perspective?

What if you try making your choice profitable?
Consider the example of the return on investment.
You invested money, and now earn 20% profit each year.

The same logic applies to Feng Shui, or Qi that you invest in.
That is why I introduced a new term – return on Qi.
You invested in an apartment with good Qi.
Thus, you earn 20, 30, 100, and 1000% profit each year.

In this sense, profit is energy that you can convert into:

And anything that you may desire.

If you invest money in an apartment that has bad Qi, you will earn nothing.

That is why, when choosing an apartment,
it is vital to have access to the Qi body.
Look for places located nearby of a busy intersection or a shopping mall.

If the place is surrounded by mountains,
make sure that you can observe the top of the mountains from your apartment.
That is why you should choose the apartment above the lower floors.

Locate the nearest Qi reservoir for your:


You must be able to see it.

Do not solely rely on your feelings,
when it comes to decision-making.
The fact that you feel uncomfortable may mean something or nothing.

Each person is a holistic being.
We listen to our feelings.
And we apply our knowledge.
When we combine feelings and knowledge – we achieve astonishing results.

In my experience, intuition grows stronger if the foundation is right.
In turn, intuition can be:

Toxic – toxic intuition arises from nothing, a person lacks the experience.
Natural – natural intuition implies that you have knowledge and experience.

Once you have a natural intuition – put up the bricks and build the foundation.

Train a lot when it comes to drawing logical conclusions.
Consider different points of view on the same subject.
And one day you will gain freedom.

Once you develop the intuition –
you will be able to come up with the right answers to the questions.
That is a natural intuition or Knowledge Beyond the Knowledge.

Although you must build this knowledge upon reliable sources of information –
something that you learned.
One cannot build knowledge without having any foundation or source.
Otherwise, you will get Knowledge of Not Knowing.

If you do not like shopping malls – try to change your attitude.
Appreciate the energy that brings money to the shopping malls.
In return, the same energy will appreciate you.

Remember, that you decide where to live.
Most people make the same decisions –
they follow the pattern of the majority to get proven results.
It is a safe zone, and it is okay.

However, if you want more –
consider doing things differently and you will get new,
unexpected results.

Even if you do not have much faith in Feng Shui – try it first and blame it later.

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