Life is a supermarket!

When we want to know a potential of a situation…
get to the bottom of multiple versions of the future…

which are pretty restricted…

we can prophesy…
using different technics…
tarot cards, Yi Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia
(Mystic doors)…

People often forget the basics

“Everything what happens has it own reason,
and this reason is on the same order as the consequence”.

“There is no question, there is no answer, there is no move and there is no answer”

In other words, if you plant cucumbers, you expect, that cucumbers will grow,
you don´t expect that wheat will grow.

If you sow pain and suffering, pain and suffering will grow,
It´s strange to expect happiness to grow.

There is no need to be the greatest prophet
and even use divination techniques.

Basically, this techniques just can help us assess
environment and climate in which the seeds will grow.
If there is enough humidity, sun and fertilizer
or locusts come from somewhere.
And when these seeds can ripen.

In language of Mystic Doors, environment is described by The Stars.
Our activity (and how much it will be prosperous) is presented by The Doors.

And the result (if the grown fruits are bitter, wormy, shriveled or tasty, healthy and beautiful) is described by Heavenly Stems.
The Deities represent moral aspect and inspiration.

In other words the art of Mystic doors is not only divination tool,
but also a mental model, where you think about yourself, the world, the past,
the present and the future and establish a connection between cause and effect.

Finally, I would like to mention the biggest mistake, which is made by even experienced practitioners of divination.

They are trying to answer the question “Should I…”
“Should I date this man”
“Should I quite my job”
“Should I move to another city”
These non-adult questions suggest the existence kind of a Receptacle of Absolut Truth Or a Heavenly Pope,
who accumulates moralizing nectar and in his ledger of universal obedience is shown
what you “should do” and what you “shouldn´t do”.

All actions have consequences.
All actions have it price and side effects.
Divination techniques also can help us to predict side effects.

“Should I or not”- it`s up to you.
This is your responsibility.
God or Astrologist has nothing to do with it.

“Life is a supermarket.
You can take what you want,
but there is a cash desk in the end”.

Once again: you reap what you sow.
Pineapple can’t grow from pumpkin seeds.
There is no way you will be rich, if you just sit in lotus position.

There is no enlightment from the fact that you make money.

“Lack of understanding…and the reason is on the same order as the consequence”
means that lives of many people look like scabrous rhyme from my childhood:

On the bench you can see a woodpecker
He wants to be a moneymaker
And knocks 1 penny with his beak
to make 1 dollar like a freak
But it doesn´t work like that.

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