License for energy of favorable neighbourhood

People, who are seriously interested in Feng Shui, stopped associate it with frogs, flutes and other symbolic items a long time ago. Englishmen say: ”There are 3 important things in real estate: location, location and once again location”. If it is bad, then even invested funds in walls won’t make of it a place of peace, work and inspiration. Why is location so important?

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, it is obvious that environment does matter. Imagine that you are walking around the neighbourhood with dilapidated houses. I bet in this environment you won’t feel the same as on the balcony on the 30th floor of skyscraper with a beautiful view of the city or the ocean. This is the influence of the place. In one environment, you have brilliant ideas, in another – insignificant thoughts.

The space is heterogeneous, and in different points has specific characteristics or “Qi”, which changes with a passage of time. We can say that it is „positive” or „negative”. But expressions „favorable” or „unfavorable” are more correct, because everything is relative in nature.

Country/city/district/house can increase our luck in a specific sphere of life or decrease it. This is why quality assessment of the location is the quintessence, the core of Feng Shui. Let’s say, you live in a town, where you face unemployment and poverty. Or you are dreaming of meeting your Prince Charming, but there are no men here, then what? In this case, you should move from this town to a place, where they are.

For example, you have moved to another town. Or you have found and going to move to such a place. Does your presence in a favorable environment guarantee, that you will use this revitalizing power and become rich and happy? Or in another words… If you end up in a place full of handsome men like Ricky Martin or Elton John, can you expect, that your problems with private life will be in the past for good?

Or, if we get to a bank, and in such places there are a lot of money, does it mean that you will become richer? We are surrounded by funds. There is luck around us, isn’t it?

And here I have a logical question for you? How is this money related to us? Let’s face it, millions of dollars, which are held in bank accounts and in secure vaults, are someone else´s. We and this fortune are parallel and not overlapping worlds. There is no bridge between us and this money. And speaking about arrangement of your private life with these handsome men, you should know that, to get there you don´t have bridges, you even can´t get there if you swim.

I have another great example for you. Do you remember 3 hungry gentlemen from „Three men in a boat”, which was written by Jerome K. Jerome? They wanted to eat so badly and they had some food nearby. It was a can with meat and there was one problem: they forgot the can opener at home. Those of you, who have read this book, probably remember that they were trying to open it all possible ways. They were dancing on the can, beating against the wall, crushing, squeezing and drilling etc. But vintage English steel stood strong. The gentlemen ended up starving and injured themselves moderately. They didn´t have the opener.

If the keys are not available, even Feng Shui practitioner can be poor. The reason is simple: he doesn’t have anything that can generate money, for example his own practice, clients, trainings, business and so on. This person doesn’t have “a bridge” to money. This is why he can’t increase his luck ratio.

Both of my Masters, from whom I was learning, are multimillionaires. And despite of difficult relationships, they say, that if you know Feng Shui, you just can’t be poor. But everything depends on the definition of the wealth and the key to it.

The next very good example is a street in Singapore, which is called Orchard Road. This is very famous and expensive street, where new products and technical innovations appearing a year and a half earlier than in Europe. Those of you who have seen this street, maybe can’t imagine, that business sometimes deteriorate and shops go under…

Well, if  moving to an expensive neighbourhood doesn’t mean that we are going to succeed, and to a poor one that we are going to live in poverty, why Feng Shui consultants recommend look for a house, apartment or office in prosperous area? Even in a good neighbourhood people become bankrupts, something can undermine their health and relationships. The price is always high there, but nobody can guarantee well-being. So what do you do?

The district can be prosperous. But what does it mean? It means, that about 80% of properties are good. And in a dying district it is about 10% or 5%. Firstly, it’s easier to find a good property in a developing area, and more difficult in a degrading one. Secondly, this is what the percentage means to us personally.

This like the average temperature in the hospital, which is 37,5. You have a temperature 40, and somebody else has 35 or 36, so what?

It is not enough to find prosperous neighbourhood. It’s necessary to have the key or the license for luck of favorable location. The key, or let’s say the tool to communicate with energy or Qi of the neighbourhood, is good apartment/house/office. And “good” means, that location, orientation and a front door make it possible to use this Qi.

There is a high likelihood, that in a rich district you will be rich, if we are talking about statistics. If you take this seriously and use your knowledge about Feng Shui, chances are very high, that you will live in a place of your dreams.

One more time: to increase your luck it’s not enough to choose a good neighbourhood. You also need to choose a good apartment, only in this case you will get the license for resources and prosperity of this location.

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