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By 23.11.2015 фэншуй

How can you practice Feng Shui without learning Feng Shui?
For that, you have to understand that in all sophisticated techniques of Feng Shui we talk about a choice of PLACE and ENVIRONMENT.

It turned out…
…No, not true…
…My CHOICE was that I left the provincial Ukrainian town Kremenchuh for Kyiv to study in Physical and Mathematical boarding school when I was 14.

I visited my parents on holidays four times a year.
It’s hard to say “parents,” they divorced quickly and as a matter of fact I came to visit only my mother.

Then I transitioned to university, life in dormitories and then in rental apartments. My search to find myself and sense in life led to my expulsion from the third year of study. Truly, I was expelled on my own. The result is that I was kicked off the dormitory and had no money to rent an apartment.

And that was the crucial turning point.

Uncommon sense

Following “common sense” and mechanisms of self-preservation, I should have gone back to Kremenchuh. As I had no place to live, no money, no job.

But somewhere inside I understood that I would never come back to Kyiv.
And that’s how I descended into a whirlpool of meaningless days and was eaten alive by the absence of referent group that shares my subjective reality.

And I stayed.
At station.
In the late autumn.
I remember that nights were windy and while sleeping on seats in the waiting lounge I wanted to take a bath, cops kicked me off frequently and I had nothing to eat.

The harder it was for me, the stronger was my excitement over how this transit line of my life will end.
Sincerely and wholeheartedly, I THANK my Teacher, who taught me a lot including psychotechniques.

For example, I could get warm with the help of energetic vibration. Or I could come unnoticed through cops’ cordons to concerts. Or I could come without a ticket to a video hall in the station. It was warm there, and the “other” life appeared.

In a few weeks, the Void heard me.
It understood that I won’t back down. That I will rather die at this station than to return to the realm of “ common sense”. And then, the brother of my then girlfriend who was going somewhere gave me keys to his apartment in Kyiv.

In a month or two I was earning about ten Soviet rubles per hour (remember, about 120 rubles of engineer’s salary)
I was buying collectional Crimean wines and fruits from Bassarbian market (even now, sitting in a 5-star hotel, I consider this market to be very expensive; I guess it engraved deeply in my subconscious).
Life was good then…

Beware of the neighbor

I write this as I see one phenomenon quite often:
children remaining in the parental house don’t grow.

Feng Shui will explain it in the way that the house is filled with the energy of others. Also, it will explain it with an imbalance of yin yang, especially, when there are only women or only men living in the house.

From psychology, we will constantly reprogram each other. Nobody is as capable of influencing you like the one you live with. Our parents too often put anchors on us with feelings of failure and send the poisoned arrows of defeatist mood into our back. The parental house, in fact, is a bowl of sweet nectar for which we change the ascetic freedom and our future.

Girls at the bottom of a basket

Girls will be reprogrammed every day by mother: “it is necessary to live that way, and you cannot live this way”.

Tell her: “Mother, are you happy? No? – 🙁
Then, if I want to be unhappy and lonely, I know the most accurate advice to follow!”

Even worse, often the daughter lives together with mother. She simply has no role model of communication with men.

Often I hear during such consultations: “Vladimir, would you prompt why my daughter doesn’t have anybody?”
It’s just because there is nobody! As she lives at home, she is a child

And nothing will change until she leaves the parental house. Her mother, whether she wants it or not, will be that notorious crab that pulls her to the bottom of the psychological basket. There is a zero chance to get out of it. Zero. And there, in a basket, “the mother is warm, milk is sweet, you suck this milk, you suck it — and it is a paradise”. And up to 30 years this milk will start making all life a misery, and there is a wish to change it on “Krusovice” like her friend girls.

Boys in an iron cage

It’s even worse with boys.
The man, by nature, is a builder of structure, he builds the house. The woman fills this space, adding design, blinds, furniture, and the atmosphere.
If the man stays in the parental house, he lives in the reality constructed by the other man.
Father or stepfather or even grandfather. Whether he wants that or not.

And it is senseless to revolt against fathers: if you are a man, go out to an open field of life, and build the house.
I mean the psychological one.
After all it is possible to live in the rental apartment. Or in a hotel. Coco Chanel lived 30 years in Ritz hotel.

A space is a space is a space

OTHER’S space is a part of Feng Shui too. People around us are also a part of Feng Shui. People are considered the biggest sha.

But speaking about Feng Shui, all of us, at heart, are theorists. As a result, some of us live in the worst district of the city. Or they sleep on the sofa. Or they buy offices where everybody before them came to ruin. Or they live with parents.
These are things understanding of which doesn’t require doctor’s degree or qualification Grand Feng Shui Master.
It is Captain Obvious.

So, let your children leave. Make them leave. Overcoming maternal pain and compassionately push them out beyond the threshold.

If you have a son, let him leave home in 18. Rent him an apartment to live alone or with somebody else. Cut the umbilical cord. Let him become a man and come to “a bloody plowed land”. Let him be unsatisfied with the reality the mirrors show him: he sees himself as “cool” one, and in a mirror everything can be different. He has to pass through pain and disappointments himself; nobody can avoid these things in the end.

Those who sold a soul to a devil

Ths story that parents told us as children, of babies delivered by cranes in baskets, is far from true. It is closer to reality to say that we are CARRIED like kittens through our childhood. And the price of our luxury, comfort and security is infantilism and psychological injuries.

Freedom is a very high price to pay for comfort. Maybe comfort is the currency of the devil?

Have an excellent Feng Shui!

From the hero-city of Kuala Lumpur,
Vladimir Zakharov

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