Internal censorship. Part 3.

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If you want new opportunities to enter your life through a small hole in your own beliefs’ defence, then try metaphysical tools.

The problem of mental garbage in the head of the internal censor is that it constantly accumulates. You are getting rid of one layer, but it appears over and over again.

It is like to clean the room once and say that there is no more garbage. It will appear again. You have to clean up from time to time; to audit beliefs and move on through life.

If there is no understanding that no one is moving anywhere… But this is in the field of emptiness… In the field of metaphysics.

And in the field of physics, we continue to grow old… it might be accompanied by a good process… some people become wiser… Others do not become… Instead, they become angry with life… They continue to expand the list with people, events or things to be blamed for the failures.

There are 2 positions:

  • One position is to assume that we control everything that happens. For instance, you can open the window, and let a miracle in.
  • And the second position is to assume that we do not affect things that happen with us.

Both positions can exist. However, the second one looks very sad.

If the internal censor has a position that we influence the course of things and can direct our yacht to the right harbor, then we have necessary influence.

Using metaphysics, we can catch a tailwind with our sails, which can come from nowhere… Which can change direction by 180 degrees, even when it is impossible from a scientific point of view. If there is a certain wind rose, then how the wind can blow in a different direction?

As in the famous story of the Three Kingdoms period, when Zhuge Liang changed the direction of the wind during the battle so that the enemy’s arrows would not reach them. And the lit arrows of the army, for which Zhuge Liang did this, reached the enemy fleet. The enemy fleet burned down, in the end.

It was one of the greatest battles in military history. And the art of QiMen Dun Jia or the art of the Mystical gates played a decisive role in it.

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Even though:

  • such things do not happen,
  • there is no money,
  • none hires with such a resume,
  • something else.

That is interesting, that such a situation is most likely not unique. It already happened thousands and millions of times. And among these millions of times, 100 thousand were able to achieve success.
But the person continues to believe that this does not happen.
That the situation is a stalemate, and there is no way out of it.
…I do not know what to say. This situation repeated a million times. And 100 thousand people of that million found a way out. The remaining 900 thousand simply did not believe that there is a way out of this. That’s all.


  • continue to sit in a dark room and write comments on Facebook that there is no way out of it,
  • or make efforts. At least, turn on the light in the phone to light up a room with a flashlight… Maybe you might find the door in this room.

“Well, no. What are you saying…?
I’ve been sitting for 10 years… or 20, or 60… in this room, and did not notice any door.
No one has come here over the years. And no one left this room.
There are a thousand websites on the Internet which says that there are NO doors in this room.
There are 20 thousand people who defended their doctoral dissertation on the topic that there is no door in this room. There is a science behind it.There is NO door in this room.
Everyone who says that there is a door is idiots and clowns… How can anyone imagine that there Is A Door Out of the Room?”

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