Internal censorship. Part 2.

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Recently I watched Jacques Fresco’s video about the “Venus Project”. watched the beginning of this video with great enthusiasm when he talked about his childhood and school… I found it fascinating how many of my thoughts and attitudes, in particular to school and other things, are similar to Jacques.

But at a certain point in this video, Jacques Fresco started to describe how he was looking for confirmation of paranormal phenomena, whether it was telekinesis, reading thoughts, etc.

He was interested in all shreds of evidence that a living person has telekinesis or the ability to read thoughts, and tested them in practice. They visited an Indian in America so that he showed them how he does it and a woman who moved objects.

He thoroughly examined them for patterns of fraud or quackery. And the conclusion is that he did not find a single case confirming that supernatural phenomena do exist.

It was a sad part to watch.

Sad for two reasons:
(1). Intellect is looking for evidence of what he wants to see. We build a description of events in the mind… and then we build a description of reality based on them.

It was a metaphysical world, which is near this circle, always located close. In other words, at this very moment angel may appear over your shoulder. Or maybe the brownie may dance on the table.

Or a ghost may sneak in front of the screen. They are here, close to you. We have our internal censorship, an internal inquisitor that bears the name of intelligence…

Just like we cannot perceive ultrasound or infrared radiation, in the same way, the censorship cuts off the whole part of the world.

We do not see it because we have certain settings. Although it exists. To see it, we have to open up with perception devoid of any editing.

(2). If we assume that all the cases that Jacques encountered are all cases of quackery, it would be very sad.

What kind of karma you have to possess, so that, despite all the talents and lots of ingenious inventions, a completely clear mind at the age of 90 have never met a single wonderful phenomenon in the entire life? Something you could believe in. For 90 years…

I believe that these are parallel worlds…The same as people who live in the corridor and the stream of poverty, they never meet the rich. They live somewhere nearby and even see them, but they never enter their stream.

There is also a stream of miracles. When a person lives in a stream of skepticism, he or she creates a dam in between. The person may claim a desire to jump out the river of skepticism and jump into the river of miracles, but it is impossible to accomplish it.

He or she tries all over again, but the editor throws up events that only confirm his or her point of view.
It is interesting how our inner settings work. They throw up events that only prove our beliefs and everything else is filtered out.

Perhaps he had a neighbor who demonstrated miracles, which he did not notice.

We only see something that complies with our settings, and we do not see what does not complies with them.

It is like visiting the same room for weeks, months, and then come up to look at the picture and say:
-Oh, cool! There is a new picture.
-What do you mean?
– This picture was not here. I have not seen it before.
– Well, it’s been hanging here for years.
-Really? Wow …

And this is the real world, rational world. The room is lit by light and you have eyes to see it – you must have noticed it!

And we are talking about brownies, the world of the Gods or people that dissolve into a rainbow after death; or shrink to the size of a small child and remain in an imperishable state; or something else.

All these levitations and telekinesis are just preschool compared to what exists and what is documented. Thousands of people did this, and tens, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed this.

But the world of dialectical materialism and the world of metaphysics do not overlap.

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