Internal censorship, or lack of knowledge or ignorance

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Today’s topic is quite unusual and it is called “Zone of Unknown”.
Lack of knowledge or ignorance, or what is behind a beam of perception.

There is an ongoing discussion… about physics and metaphysics…
Majority of people responds with aggression towards what we do.

This concerns not only Chinese metaphysics: Feng Shui, Bazi, date selection …
But in general, everything concerning an unusual method of perception for the common scientific mind.

You can imagine a beam or a spotlight…

A person stands on the stage in the light beam and his or her perception is limited by the framework of the illuminated spotlight circle.

Man does not see anything beyond this circle and eventually takes a pose of denying the general existence of what is outside of this circle.
Within the circle, you have dreams, desires, goals, setting goals, wishes of what you want.

But beyond the circle:
a) there is a lack of knowledge of what you want
b) and you don’t even know what opportunities are hidden in there.
These opportunities may be at arm’s length, but to find them in the darkness you have to reach them out.

The problem is that you have to find something that you were not aware of in the first place, and you don’t want something unknown.

It is better to turn on the lights throughout the room and see these possibilities.
That is exactly what metaphysics does and it goes beyond physics – beyond the beam of perception.

This perception exists in the darkness of the cosmos, speaking about the darkness in a good way.

The area of unknowns. The area of fairy tales, legends and gods. In which perhaps you can find unspeakable happiness and joy, but you do not even know anything about it.

Take the first step into learning the ancient art of Qi Men.

The art which connects Yin and Yang – the area of the visually perceptible, and the area of the unperceived.

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