Indirect Wealth Profile

What is “indirect money” or “indirect wealth”?

These people are excellent risk-managers able to turn any business into gold. They introduce new laws and rules, they are risk-takers. People with the Indirect Wealth Profile consider risks to be challenges which are to be overcome.

Yang Profile

Indirect Wealth Profile means that the person can be pragmatic and determined. Such people are not tired of socializing, on the contrary, we can see them real only in communication.  Yang profiles are easy to realize themselves only when they are surrounded by other people. They have got a calculating and pragmatic mind.

Sometimes they can be cynical. For example, one famous marketing specialist died recently, his American colleague sent a mailing, “Please accept my condolences to the death of Mr.X. Once I met him somewhere… He was the first to teach me this and this… He was my teacher….”

And at the end of this letter there’s a reference to a selling page.

I’m reading this and think, “He’s a motherfucker”.

It’s not supposed to be acceptable to add a reference to a selling page if you are writing an obituary to the death of a friend (even if he wasn’t a close one), or just a good person you knew.

I read the comments, in some of them there was something of this kind, “To put it mildly, it’s too much”. This is negative display of the Indirect Wealth. It may not be negative in your chart. It may become negative due to some month or year factors. It’s still Yin – Yang.

Negative and Positive sides of the “Indirect Wealth”

Every god has its own so called “positive” and “negative” sides. The negative sides are bellicosity, revengefulness, confrontation; they think that the end justifies the means.

But they have a positive display (some people think it is not): somebody tells you, “Something has happened to you, you’re going to cancel the webinar.” – “No, why should I?” or “Maybe, you’ll postpone the conference.” – “No, I won’t”.

People in whose charts Indirect Wealth is strong, or secondary, may not understand.

The Indirect Wealth Structure doesn’t mean automatically that you’ll have money. You may have a lot of financial problems. It’s necessary to analyse the whole birth chart.

Indirect wealth in a strong chart

What do we need in a strong chart?

There are some criteria from the Advanced Ba-Zi.

I won’t tell about them now (millionaires’ charts and so on).

If we don’t talk about them, we need both wealth and self-expression.

Suppose you have wealth in your chart, but don’t have self-expression. When  self-expression appears in Luck Pillars, money will come into your life regardless of your wish.

Another reason: suppose you have got self-expression and money in the chart, but you are still poor.

What is the reason? Rob Wealth. When you go through a luck year or Luck Pillar which will push this Rob Wealth out of your chart, or a factor will combine it away, then you’ll become wealthy.

What else do you need to have in your chart?

You need to have resources, preferably indirect resources, even if they are not good for you from the technical point of view. They may be present as the secondary Qi, hidden somewhere, etc.

Resistance to violence

The influence on other people is a very important factor.

The ability to prove that you’re strong, sometimes bossy behavior, control over people and situations. Demotivating factors (you remember that in the “Metaphysics of Wealth” course I told about five circles of money, one of which is motivation) are the feeling of weakness, vulnerability and uncontrollability.

You have to do something against your will.

Suppose your kid has the Indirect Wealth Profile.

You can use it directly, but you’ll see that the more you force him or her …

You know, the force of action is equal to the force of counteraction.

For example, when I was a kid anybody could beat me or kill. I didn’t care.

When I didn’t want to do anything I just didn’t do it. Nobody could force me.

Always be this rebellious boy or girl

You know that in the nursery school there’s always a little boy (maybe not always, but very often) who never gives up although he’s always beaten and bullied by stronger boys. He will lie in the mud, will scratch them, beat them, he will bleed, but he’ll still be trying to reach them and bite them on the leg.

Be like this little boy in all situations.

Then next time the boys will think before getting involved with you.

They can beat you, but it will turn out to be a bigger problem for them, they won’t get away with it.

What do we need to have money in a weak chart?

You need the element of friends, because it is money in a weak chart.

Seven killing display the quality which is similar to the Indirect Wealth,

but a little bit different.

Why doesn’t Indirect Wealth like number 1?

What are other demotivating factors for Indirect Wealth?

They need to depend on something or somebody,

that’s why their motto can be, “the worst number in business is ONE”.

For example, you have one personal assistant.

Suppose she’s ill, has got married, has left, has got pregnant…

What will you do then? Then you’ll do all the work yourself.

But what  if you have got a lot of work to do? Who is going to help you?


The same is with one channel of advertising, one…

Suppose you’ve got only one client. It’s big, cool, it’s been giving you money for years, but what if it leaves or something happens to it? What will you do?

You will lose your business.

Life buoys

Indirect Wealth people  are naturally able to gather resources necessary to support independence and freedom. It is displayed in their ability to gain positions, status, privileges and material wealth.

They may not be rich or a power figure, but they gain as much authority as they can for everyday life.

Indirect Wealth can defend everything they obtain and accumulate the good things in life. Their key features  are self-sufficiency, tendency to survive and  resourcefulness…

In fact, Indirect Wealth easily cope with the sense of loneliness. Even in an unknown situation, when they are stranded alone on a desert island, they’ll have got several life buoys or other ways to survive …

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