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Now is the time when luck is more important than ever.
Luck is energy. If the energy level is high, then luck is with you, if it is low, then the lucky arrow won't find its target.

You can read on this page about the nature of luck, the nature of energy... About methods that help to increase the energy level of a home and a person.

Luck has a cumulative effect... the same applies to energy. Therefore, "Explosive Improvement of Luck" is a club project so that you can track how your life is being changed from month to month.

“The Explosive improvement of luck” club is an “all-Inclusive” ticket to the metaphysical world, where your Luck is in good shape and always on your side. And now I'll tell you how it will happen...

Luck, Qi, and… Mind ;)

There is a certain invisible mystical component, which is commonly called luck.

The second component is Qi. The third is the mind.
Many people believe that everything has its rational reasons and there is no such thing as luck...

They say that Qi cannot be touched, therefore it does not exist...
Well, in this case, what is mind?...
What shape does it have?... Is it warm or cold?...
The mind doesn't have any material attributes, but does it mean that its existence should be denied?... ;))

In the same way, we cannot assign material attributes to Qi or Luck, but we see the result of their absence or presence: either "things fall apart", or new opportunities appear.

In Chinese metaphysics, there are tools to influence Luck and Qi levels: Feng Shui, date selection, the art of the mystical gate Qi Men Dun Jia.

How to influence our Luck?

Luck and Qi are two interrelated components, our luck depends on the level of Qi.

Each point in time contains sort of a reservoir of Qi.
The space we live in has some sensitive spots that can be manipulated, just like in acupuncture.

We can calculate energetically strong points in space and time to:

  • manipulate them by the means of activations to create an energy spike,
  • use for actions to make the best out of the events we need.

Need-to-know information:

In the Club "Explosive Improvement of Luck", you get ALL the best dates for each month, calculated by professionals from my team.
There are detailed INSTRUCTIONS on how to effectively apply these dates.

And there is more...!!

“All-Inclusive” ticket just for you!

"Explosive Improvement of Luck" club is not only a ready-to-use super-dates that can improve your life in all aspects..

For all enthusiasts of Chinese metaphysics who want to know more about HOW IT WORKS, I share every month “fresh” insights and techniques that I apply myself.

The idea is to get you on the same page…

We'll meet monthly online; I'll talk about the energies of the month and give recommendations on which strategy is better to choose to squeeze every drop of it. I'll also share with you the “topic of the month” - the most exciting Chinese metaphysics techniques.

What makes every Efforts Equal To Zero...

It all starts with the person...

The third component, which I mentioned before - mind - the mind or consciousness can multiply any efforts by zero. One can't pour water into a holey vessel...
You can't move forward without it...
without an internal question "WHY?"...
without an “island of inner hope”...

The EXPERIENCE of past success gives us solid ground under our feet.
Therefore, it is crucial to make a STEP forward as soon as possible and get a SENSATION of SUCCESS, which will be built into the neural connections of the brain.

My Dream…

In fact, the club's project has existed for more than 10 years...
It was restructured several times, new options were added...

The Club is a kind of metaphysical "All-Inclusive" ticket, which includes pieces of training, action strategies, and calculated dates for any aspect of life.

I devote attention to this project all the time... every month)

My dream is that everyone could enter an inner circle of Chinese metaphysics…

That’s why I make this project affordable… for a while))…

Learn how to be in tune with Luck in 2021:

The club is not only the place where you can learn about metaphysics… Here we discuss how to be successful based on the current situation.

In short, for those who usually skip to the last page of the book;))

If you are one of those people who skip to the last page of the offer, then…

"Explosive improvement of luck" club is open for registration.

Energies, Dates, and Strategies

Get clarity and vision of key trends of the current month; levers you can control to attract luck into all aspects of your life on monthly online seminars.

Dates for activations

Use specific dates to activate health, wealth, and sales of real estate, to make your chances to get the desired result very high.

Auspicious Directions

Pay close attention to TIME and SPACE with the help of Qi Men Dun Jia art. You will gain knowledge on where and when to move forward, to reach a goal or solve a problem in the best possible way.

Daily Symbolic Stars

Use daily symbolic stars (a calendar with recommendations), even if you know nothing about date selection, maximize the potential of every endeavor.

Dates to push in the Money Star

Use personalized dates to increase cash flow - stay under the auspices of luck without even trying.

Value of the information you about to receive much exceeds the annual cost of the club’s membership...


STANDARD monthly payments option includes:

  • Annual subscription-monthly payments
  • Webinar on Energies of the Month
  • Dates for parties
  • Pushing-in the Wealth Star
  • Auspicious hours and directions in terms of Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Dates to activate this month

$47 / MONTH

The price is calculated based on the fixed cost of the product and state tax that may differ from one state to another.

Members of the “Explosive Improvement of Luck” club on the map

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“Explosive Improvement of Luck” through the eyes of its members:

I'm very excited about the "Explosive"! After the first month of activations, sales rose up and new ideas have emerged. I also met the right people. For a month, I practically made friends with Zhi Fu, he helped more than once. I will continue to act 😊 thank you for such amazing projects!!


Well, you know, Vladimir, I think it was a long-ago since I had such a busy and interesting webinar of the energies of the month. Perhaps, time and, as a result, the audience can make a difference. It’s not that important, but I’m very glad that I managed to get out of bed, and it is not what I usually do at such a time. That’s great. I received a few quite precise answers, which I asked Heaven the other day.

Mikhail Cherkassky

Vladimir, for so long I wanted to thank you for the White Tiger! Some time ago, my husband and I took part in a weight loss project; we were doing all the workouts with our backs to the White Tiger. In fact, every time I was saying "Tiger, give me strength"))) Additionally, since it was a game and a randomizer was involved in the voting for the winners, so we made a wish to Ji Fu so that the randomizer supported us. In general, over several seasons of the game, we each lost about 15 kg and won about 500 thousand rubles, in total. I'm sure that if we just made a wish to win and did nothing, it wouldn't work. And the set was very good because it was awesome to be able to feel the overwhelming power of inner energy. The training was easy, and the severity of training for an overweight person, in my opinion, is the most difficult part.

Julia Kiseleva

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About The Author

Vladimir Zakharov is a Feng Shui expert with 20 years’ experience, Doctor of Chinese Metaphysical Arts, and Dean of the Faculty of Metaphysics of the European Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Education (Germany).

He is a licensed instructor of the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Mastery (founder master Joey Yap, Malaysia), and the author of courses on Bazi, Feng Shui, and I-Jing.

Vladimir Zakharov gained his knowledge from internationally recognized Feng Shui masters in Singapore and Malaysia. He has a Feng Shui Mastery Diploma and Bazi Mastery Diploma (distinction).

Money back guarantee of the “Standard” option

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DISCLAIMER: The information stated above is based on my experience. Please understand that I’m not implying you’ll have the same result (or anything for that matter). I have an advantage in terms of my expertise. I have been practicing Chinese Metaphysical Arts for 20 years and I have established it as my result. Anyone who buys “how-to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references as an example. Your results will vary and they will depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All businesses and personal affairs entail risk as well as huge and consistent efforts and actions. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT BUY IT.

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